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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Great Ramadan Offensive Manifests

The Great Ramadan Offensive appears too hot to touch among journalists in the West. Nevertheless, here it is: Bali in October; France starting in October; Germany and Belgium now; Amman, Jordan; and business as usual in Baghdad.

What is happening in France is particularly instructive, including the various reactions to it. First off, this is not random rioting by disaffected youth. Intelligence is starting to be talked about that the planning for this started in September. Destructive materials have been prepositioned and stockpiled throughout France. Who is involved? MUSLIMS, MUSLIMS, MUSLIMS. What do these MUSLIMS have in common? ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM.

Islam prepared the civil terrorists in France. The Great Ramadan Offensive merely focused them and set them off.

Only now, two weeks later, is a single French newsmagazine publishing materials about the civil war. French broadcasting has either muzzled itself or has been muzzled so that the French learn only snippets in programs like the evening news, and details such as the numbers of cars incinerated are not detailed.

France is a country ripe for the take over, and the Muslims know it. We have stated previously that the only reasons they will back down, if they do, now is because they are not yet as strong as they need to be + France is not quite weak enough yet to surrender.

Minister of the Interior Sarkozy must go. Afterall, he wants to impose law and order. By contrast Prime Minister de Villefop wants to reward these Muslim rabble with more handouts and all sorts of unearned gimmes and bennies. It is imperative that the Muslims ensure that de Villefop replaces Chirac so that France can be taken to that final readiness, resembling rotting Camembert.

Note how French talking heads, Western European talking heads, and many fellow traveler apologists for Islam here and there stridently deny that the French situation has nothing to do with Islam. Methinks they protesteth too much. They desperately want you to believe that ideas do not count, when we know full well that ideas are everthing.

It is worth making brief mention of how Islam prepared the French Muslim rabble.

There is a vital principle that applies to all humans and applies to the current Muslim rabble in France. No one does anything that violates his own personal moral code in general. Violations create shame and guilt which motivate rectification.

What these rabble are doing is fully consonant with the Islamic moral code they accepted as small children.

From their families, to clerics, to their tribes and communities, Muslims have been programmed since birth to become ummah, i.e., world community of Islam. This is not simple membership. It is the purest and most extreme form of collectivism, in which those in the ummah BELONG TO ISLAM. Their only reason for existence is to serve Islam, and that is the sole source of their value as a human.

Islam provides a full philosophy for Muslims, one of the key reasons for its success. Part of that is a detailed and very strict moral code which becomes internalized in Muslim kids at a very early age. It is reinforced constantly. The dread of violating that moral code is more profound than most anything we Westerners ever encounter.

An essential element of internalizing Islam is the closing of the Muslim mind at an early age. We will just mention that there are several other, extremely important reasons that make Islam able to close young minds very early, but we will go into those later on.

Islam must await the final stage of human preparation for adulthood, i.e., adolescence, to gather its fruit. Adolescents and young adults feel great pressure, imposed by their nature as humans, to become something, to become persons of value. Islam by its nature thwarts every productive avenue, except living Islam itself. So, young, prepared minds, feeling the internal pressure, find ready-made excuses for why they feel so inferior. Islam tells them it is THEM, i.e., those outside Islam.

Those prejudices have been laid down and reinforced since Muslim kids could start understanding language, by family, tribal, cultural, and religion. They enter minds which eventually close to everything but Islam.

Only two elements are needed to activate these adolescents and young adults.

One is a focus, e.g., oppressive France, and the second is a trigger. In this case, the trigger in France was two stupid kids electrocuting themselves in a power station while aoiding arrest for their attempted car thieving.

Recall what the Jesuits have said for centuries: Give us your children until they are six years old, and they are ours forever, regardless of what you do. Jesuits long ago recognized that preparing young minds was critical, just as the multiculturalists, who are thick in our primary schools, are doing to America's kids right now.


We have been provided links to some basic articles on Muslim mind control recently on Sixth Column.


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