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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Riots in France - A CIA Plot??

I knew that somehow the United States would held responsible for the riots in France as we are blamed for everything else.

MOSCOW (AFP) - the leader Russian ultra-nationalist Vladimir Jirinovski, usual of shocking declarations, delivered his interpretation of violences in the Parisian suburbs: it is about a plot of the American special services.
With the origin of the events which shake France one finds "a mixture explosive", composed of the "desire of the American special services to weaken Europe" and "favorable conditions offered to the immigrants", has it says on the radio operator Echo of Moscow Monday.

"I estimate that it is about an operation planned with the participation of the special services of the United States which wants to put at knees Europe become more solid and to destroy the European Union at the same time", still Mr. Jirinovski asséné. Theories of world plot, often anti-Russian, are relatively popular in Russia .

Read the French version.


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