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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Action Each of Us Can Take for America Regarding Operation Able Danger

By sheer coincidence, last evening (16 October 2005), we tuned into the Michael Savage talk radio show in time to catch his interview with Representative Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania about new developments regarding Operation Able Danger (OAD). We have covered OAD in "Update on Operation Able Danger," and Eleanor's "An Incomplete Investigation"--both on 16 November 2005. New developments since then need publicizing.

Rep. Weldon asks Americans to contact their representatives and senators to demand that there be a public hearing regard Operation Able Danger since this coverup could conceivably go down in history as one of the top perfidies against America from within the American government. He stated that he planned to present to Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, on 17 November 2005, a letter asking for OAD hearings, and that letter as of last night had been signed by 202 House of Representatives members! Rep. Weldon is watching real progress as Congress itself and the American people are joing the efforts to expose just what went on. Our contacts with our representatives and senators will help enormously.

Yesterday, we garbled the name of the Jamie Gorelick staffer who blocked efforts to get OAD material to the 9-11 Commission. Cong. Weldon identified him as Dieter Schnell, a top lieutenant on Gorelick's staff when she sat on the 9-11 Commission. As soon as the OAD coverup went public in August, Gorelick began making phone calls to the offices of Congressman Weldon, Senator Specter, and unnamed others to tell them that she had done nothing wrong. We must remember that she, in her capacity as assistant attorney general under Clinton, developed the infamous "wall" that blocked federal agencies from sharing information (1996). The 9-11 Commission drew their wagons around Gorelick when efforts were made to end her tenure with the 9-11 Commission because of how deleterious had been her work against national security.

Congressman Weldon and staff tried five times to pass OAD information to the 9-11 Commission only to have those data refused without reading a single word. Furthermore, none of the commission members would meet with Congressman Weldon. He got a very perfunctory five minutes with Chairman Keane who immediately dismissed everything the congressman said.

The coverup goes deeper, and this is just repeating what Congressman Weldon said. Lord knows how deep and extensive this perfidy actually goes. LTC Shaeffer, whom the Defense Intelligence Agency (DoD) has been trying to ruin, took OAD data to the then assistant director for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a man not identified by name as yet. That assistant director refused to look at or listen to the OAD intelligence or pass it to the FBI. Our speculation is that he felt himself at the Gorelick Wall. This fellow is now acting director of the DIA.

At a bare minimum, DoD rejection of OAD data prevented protecting the USS Cole in Yemen. Had the data not been blocked, it might have prevented the events of 11 September 2001. This can be learned through public hearings. Active blocking and rejecting OAD data by the 9-11 Commission throws complete doubt on their work and on the integrity of the members.

Obviously, people are scrambling to do the "Gorelick Shuffle," to avoid being blamed or even worse to avoid being found out. We must not let them get away with it.


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