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Friday, November 18, 2005

We Are Betrayed

I am beyond angry. From this point on, I hold every Postmodernist, from Michael Moore to the Dishonorable John. P. Murtha, personally responsible for the death of every one of our people in the Middle East from now on.

I hold them all personally responsible for every act of terrorism that comes to our shores from now on, since their gross immorality is making it inevitable that the terrorists, encouraged by the collectivists' rejection of the principles that made this country possible, will now engage in serious attempts to breach our borders.

There is a weakness in our "war" policy that makes all these problems possible, that enables the anti-Americans to make headway in their campaign to destroy this country, and that is, ever since Korea, we have never fought to win.

People don't really object to war, they object to LOSING war. Nobody loves a loser, though, and when we allow the Postmodernist politicians to run wars, as we did in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bosnia, Somalia, and now Afghanistan, which is receding into chaos, and Iraq, even those who believe that we are justified will begin to think in terms of cutting our losses.

Most of us believe it is wrong to sacrifice our sons and daughters on the alter of cut-and-run. We can at least consider that their deaths were not in vain if we win.

The plan being promoted by Duncan Hunter, R-CA, to build a three-thousand mile fence across our border with our Mexican friends, becomes a major issue. Our Leader has steadfastly refused to talk about, much less do anything about, the open borders which are nothing, if they are not an invitation to terrorists to invade our country.

Now, since we are in all likelihood the process of cutting and running, the concept of a barrier becomes front-burner material. Our only fall-back position is to become "Fortress America," and while the entire world around us succumbs to Islam, we--at least some of us--will take up arms with the goal of fighting to win instead of fighting to lose.

Our last best hope is to elect someone who knows how to win a war, someone like Colonel Ralph Peters, and then have that president select a Cabinet willing to support a winning, instead of a losing, policy--people like Robert Spencer and many others who understand what's going on.

We have wasted nearly two hundred years' worth of opportunity to keep our country as the shining beacon of reason in a world where the light has faded and flickered out. Our only chance to prevent our beloved country from becoming a flash in the pan is to establish a "holding action" with the election of appropriate politicians and wall-building, and then to implement the permanent solution.

The permanent solution is to educate our children according to rational philosophical principles. What is a "right"? What is the proper function of government? Why is capitalism virtuous, while collectivism is evil? Why are property rights important? What makes our country the best place in the world to live, and what threatens it? What is reason? Why do we need it? What is reality? Why is it important to know? What is it that encourages creativity and the advancement of knowledge, and what is it that discourages it? Why does the West have a monopoly on the legitimate Nobel Prizes, while the Middle East has none? Why does South Korea have over 16,000 patents in the U.S. in a single year, while Arab nations have fewer than 400? Why does Spain publish more books in one year than the Arab nations have in their entire history? Why have we adopted a policy of losing every conflict we engage in? Why are the Muslims so intransigent? How is it, having rejected reason, they are able to make so much headway?

These are the questions a philosophically sophisticated high school graduate can answer, and the ability to answer them is critical if we hope to rescue our country. It is from our pool of school children than our future politicians, judges, educators, journalists will come.

Philosophy--who needs it?

We do.


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