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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Had No Idea There Are So Many

Stunned that Sami al Arian"Acquitted on Some Charges," because groups such as al Qaeda use charities for recruiting, I came across two recent offerings by Daniel Pipes: "Converts to Terror" and "More Converts to Terror. I had no idea there are so many converts to Islam that are willing to commit acts of murder and violence. But then, again, Jihad is mandated in the Koran and Jihad is murder and violence. The zeal of converts of any stripe is legendary.

Jihad can not be characterized as only bomb throwing and violence. Jihad against non-believers is subversion of non-Muslim culture using any means necessary. Thus when hearing of a convert to islam, we all should look to which sphere of influence this person may be involved: education, government, health care, economics, journalism, etc.

Update Al Arian's free pass must hearten other terrorists on trial. This does not bode well for the United States.
Michelle Malkin links to various accounts of Al Arian's acquittal. Joe Kaufman at FrontPage has a full account.


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