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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What Does CAIR Watch For?

CAIR presents itself as a civil rights for Muslims group, yet they have ties to HAMAS and several of their officials have been convicted for a panoply of violations.

How do they have the temerity to raise questions against the efforts of the United States to protect itself from a predatory ideology or even educational and other institutions for the same? Oh, I know, they believe Islam to be special and that they indeed will take over the earth. By-the-way, they are up in arms against a speaker at North Idaho College that did just that.

The chill on free speech is bad enough, but the attack against the Patriot Act is a clincher. CAIR and the useful idiots they have in the Congress are attempting to rollback the features of the Patriot Act that have kept this country safe and perhaps, had they been in place, could have prevented 9/11.

Take a look at some of the items on their Action Alert page. Notice that telling the truth about Islam is an actionable offense.

At the top of today's "Press Release Archive" is the story "CAIR-NY Helps Train Gitmo Lawyers," followed by "CAIR-CAN: Muslims to Fight for Religious Freedom at McGill.

The Center for Constitutional Rights invited CAIR-NY Executive Director Wissam Nasr to brief some 50 attorneys on basic Islamic beliefs and practices and on issues such as Islamic jurisprudence, gender relations, Muslim history, and the impact of American policies in the Muslim world.

Of course CAIR will lead these lawyers down the garden path on Islam and the fight for religious freedom at McGill is all about religious accommodation.

OTTAWA, CANADA ­ 01/12/05) ­ On December 2, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) and the McGill University chapter of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) will hold a press conference to discuss their next action in fighting for religious freedom and the accommodation of religious rights at McGill University.

The University has said it will not accommodate religious rights and evicted its Muslim students from their prayer room in June 2005. Hundreds of students were left to pray Islam's five daily prayers outside or in hallways.

Speaking about Muslim prayer rooms. It appears that the managers of the Giant's Stadium in Newark have caved in to the demands for a prayer room after "reaction to Muslim's complaints" for being detained. Here's the scoop:

The FBI said it detained five Muslim men Sept. 19 because they were in a sensitive area near the stadium's main air intake duct.
The men said they had been praying, and said they believed they had been singled out because of their faith.
Security was extra tight that night because former President Bush was on hand as part of a fundraising campaign for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

What were they doing in "a sensitive area near the stadium's main air intake duct... on the night that President Bush was on hand as part of a fundraising campaign for victims of Hurricane Katrina." If they were terrorists, that would have been a double coup: kill President Bush and create panic and mayhem by releasing a chemical agent into the stadium's ventilation system.
Perhaps the prayer room concept for all faiths will be a good idea so that no such lame excuses can be why anyone could be milling around sensitive areas in public buildings. I hope the stadium owners can find lots of room as there are several "main" religions with hundreds, if not thousands of smaller religions and sects. Each now can demand accommodation as Muslims have set the precedent.
CAIR is so concerned about surveillance and the Patriot Act that they have launched a new blog just on that topic. Recent topics include: "Senator Fiengold's Update on Patriot Act Status"; "Administrative Restraint, Ohio, Effective Pressure"; and "Where Are We Now?"
CAIR is urging American Muslims and other people of conscience to continue voicing opposition to the unsupervised domestic surveillance powers contained in the USA Patriot Act. A House-Senate compromise renewing the Patriot Act was derailed just before Thanksgiving. The renewal process will be concluded within the next few weeks. Sixteen provisions of the Patriot Act are due to expire at the end of December.

Six Senators, three Republicans and three Democrats, announced their opposition to the late-November deal. Senate majority leader Bill Frist says he expects the legislation's Senate opponents will filibuster it if their civil liberties concerns are not addressed.

Two Patriot Act provisions of great concern are Sections 215 and 505.

Section 215 allows law enforcement to acquire a search warrant for "any tangible thing." It also forbids the warrant's recipient from telling anyone about the warrant. CAIR and other civil liberties groups support a Senate provision that would have required that the government show that a person whose records are sought has some connection to a terror suspect. Currently, law enforcement officials must merely say the records are needed for an ongoing investigation.

Under Section 505, National Security Letters (NSL) can be authorized by FBI field inspectors. NSLs allow access to such records as financial, business dealings, telephone calls, e-mails, web sites visited, and Internet searches. They do not require a judge's approval and are typically presented to employers or internet service providers who are then prohibited from informing anyone of the request, even their own lawyers. The Washington Post recently reported that a stunning 30,000 such letters are being issued annually.

This is how CAIR suggests Muslims and "interested parties (i.e. useful fools and idiots) apply "Immediate Action":

1) Contact your elected representatives and ask them to ensure that any deal on the Patriot Act includes the following modifications:

a. Law enforcement authorities should be required to prove that a person whose records are sought has some connection to a terror suspect.

b. There must be a meaningful right to challenge Patriot Act orders.
Recipients of these orders should be allowed to share the information with their lawyers.


2) Put your cell phone to good use.

Call all of your friends and family members and ensure that they contact their elected officials. Act as a facilitator. You can enter their zip code into our website at and get the names and contact information of their representatives (1 Member of the U.S. House and 2 Members of the U.S. Senate).

3) Push your community leaders to action.

Give your local Imam a copy of this release and ask him to use it as talking points for a Friday sermon. Ask if your local leaders and organizations can send this release over their e-mail lists.

4) Attend your senators' and representative's town meeting.

Congress is currently on Thanksgiving recess. Call your officials in-state offices and ask where they are slated to appear. Arrange for people to attend and urge the official to support the Patriot Act modifications discussed above.

5) Express your concern in a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

A visit to the paper's website or a call to their office's will provide the details as to the right length for the letter (usually fairly short) and where to send it.

At face value, these are good recommendations. However, the FBI has used these surveillance tactics to interdict and thwart schemes as plots. Civil liberties must be balanced with the need to protect ourselves for a fifth-column that would overthrow and enslave us.

So what does CAIR watch for? They watch for any opportunity to use our laws and customs to further the aims of Islam as do other so-called Muslim groups in the United States and abroad. We see the proof in the recent riots of French "youths" that terrorized France and the copycat action taken in other European cities. These copycats not only terrorize. They also demand religious accommodation.

Muslims are still a tiny minority in the United States, yet they are flexing their muscles. European Muslims have shown them the way. Non-Muslim Europeans are now on the defensive. They have to justify every word and deed that is deemed hostile or offensive to Muslims and Islam. If CAIR and other Muslim groups in North America, such as MAS, the Muslim American Society, have their way, we will soon be in the position: having to defend our words and deeds against a tiny minority that are insinuating themselves into the cultural, business, and political elite in order to someday, perhaps sooner than you would think, to Muslim power elites in other previously free, but now subjugated, Western countries.


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