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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What's to Worry?

Daniel Pipes reminds that there's plenty to worry about. The biggest worry is that we're falling back into the pre-9/11 mode.

Desensitized and tired of thinking about bombs and bombers, long lines at the airports, security issues, the Patriot Act, war and sad times, Americans and others the West are pushing these items to the back of their minds and picking up where they left off BEFORE those crazy terrorists blew up and collapsed the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

Don't be fooled. That way of thinking is so-o-o-o dangerous. We are at war. We will continue to be at war until one of two things happens: we win or we are taken over from within a la European experience, through subtle and relentless changes brought about by those that have learned how to manipulate our political and cultural system.

Some of us need ice water to the face: Read it all and follow the links for a wake up call.


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