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Monday, December 12, 2005

Die in Place

During the past few years we have heard repeatedly about the Muslim notion of self-sacrifice for the Ummah, the community of believers. It is this winning devotion to not only their cause and to the whole of the Muslim community that is creating a problem for us in the West that are accustomed to nationalism and individuality. Non-Muslims are portrayed as selfish and unwilling to put themselves on the line for their fellow countrymen or in this case, fellow non-believers. No where but in the military can we seem to find this kind of comradeship and devotion to duty, the kind of spirit that we will have to discover if we are to survive the onslaught of Islam.

Dr. Mike Adams, a professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington writes on censorship and political correctness that is overwhelming polite behavior and conversation, public policy, and, in some cases, the law. Of course his bailiwick is the education, the university system. Fatigue is setting in as it is for all of us. A recent inspirational offering to him has given renewed vigor and can be an inspiration and reminder that we are the frontline of this struggle.

“Die In Place”.

Years ago while in training as a Marine Officer, I first heard the expression “Die In Place”.  The phrase was used as a teaching point to understand the concept of “Mission Type Orders”...This concept directs that simple and concise orders be provided to subordinates without dictating the minutia of how to accomplish the assigned mission.  A Marine given “Mission Type Orders” must; 1) assess the situation, 2) identify his tasks, and 3) develop an operational concept designed to accomplish his mission.

Simply put, a Marine given "Die in Place" orders understands the gravity of the situation as follows:

- He occupies the key terrain of his unit positions.

- There may be NO withdrawal or retreat.

- There are NO alternate or supplementary positions.

- There will be NO attachments or reinforcements.

- The position MUST be held.

- Failure to do so will result in the literal destruction of all friendly forces and the ability to successfully conclude the conflict.

In other words, death is preferable to the resulting loss of Marine Corps honor, culture, and prestige if he fails.

Although most of us are not officially in the military, we all are at arms against a foe. Some among us "hold the key terrain," and others of us are "sniping from the rocks," but the line is drawn and we can't back down. The correspondent to Dr. Adams remarked about his position in academia:

It is apparent to me that you clearly understand the importance of your position and the tasks that must be accomplished to end the assault on academic excellence...Another lesson from my time in the Marines is that you always “Reinforce success, never failure”. 

He was speaking of reinforcing those that stand a lonely, hazardous vigil, putting themselves on the line against a cold world that has not yet learned to appreciate or even recognize the importance of efforts. Whether we are on the frontline or up in the rocks, we can't allow ourselves to give up our posts for this an existential fight to the death and we will have to match or supercede the code and devotion of the enemy to win.


  • At Tue Dec 13, 03:29:00 PM PST, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    And today the enemy put a final payment on its purchase of Harvard and Georgetown. The sultan prince endowed each for $20 million to get the 'right message' about Islam to the public.


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