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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We Wish We Could Say "Don't Let the Door Hit You!" to Illegal Aliens

Michelle Malkin, a journalist, is as concerned as I am about illegal immigration. LawyerJuan Mann has quite a bit to say about why it is almost impossible to send them back from where they came. Perhaps you would be concerned as well if you knew how many arevictimsof the crimes of unsupervised aliens.

Juan Mann's lengthy and well-documented essay should be an eye opener. The other problems caused by unsupervised immigrants can left for another time. However, the problems caused by immigrants can't be solved until the immigrantion service gets its act together.


  • At Mon Dec 12, 12:30:00 AM PST, Blogger beakerkin said…

    Hold on a second about illegal immigration. Immigration as currently structured rests largely upon family reunification. In the old days family ties were paramount.

    The whole system should be blown up and scrapped.

    Number one Biology does not determine who we admit. This should be done on the basis of skills with some genuine refugees admited.

    Number Two Preference should be given to countries with historic ties like the Philipinnes. Why are we taking in so many people from Ghana, Pakistan and Bangladesh countries that we have no historic ties with.

    Number Three streamline the process
    and have all forms answered in one year period.


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