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Friday, January 13, 2006

Adding Impetus to Citizens Cleaning Up the Judiciary NOW

Perhaps there are a few people left on the planet who do not know this story, from some sources. Here is a synopsis:

WorldNetDaily: Judge gives child-rapist 60-day sentence

Claiming he no longer believes in punishment, a Vermont judge issued a 60-day sentence to a man who confessed to repeatedly raping a girl over a four-year period, beginning when she was 7 years old.

Judge Edward Cashman ... said he's more concerned now about rehabilitation. "The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," Cashman told a packed Burlington courtroom made up mostly of people related to the victim. Cashman said he wants to make sure Hulett gets sex-offender treatment.

Members of the victim's family were outraged. "I don't like it," the victim's mother told the TV station, in tears. "He should pay for what he did to my baby and stop it here. She's not even home with me and he can be home for all this time, and do what he did in my house."

The victim's mother retains proper "reality testing," as the psychiatrists like to say. For that matter, so do a number of Vermont legislators, Vermont's governor, and ONE Vermont newspaper. Americans and internationals with good reality testing have been flooding the governor's office with emails about Judge Cashman and this travesty of justice. Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News judiciary consultant, confirmed that Judge Cashman is violating his role and duties as a judge and is totally in the wrong job if he can no longer administer punishment. Were it not for the bulldoggedness of Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel, this story would have gotten little traction.

Except for the Burlington, VT, paper, all the Vermont newspapers are being apologists and providing endless excuses for this judge. The Vermont Speaker of the House, a Democrat, shoved the matter into "committee" before disappearing down her rat hole to hide. Vermont child protective services officials, although outraged at Judge Cashman's decision, are TOO AFRAID to go public with their outrage. Why? I do not know.

Did Howard Dean, during his governorship, appoint Judge Cashman? No one is yet saying, although it would fit.

Today, there is a rehearing on sentencing. Judge Cashman has one last opportunity to administer justice to this raping child destroyer. Will he? Watch the O'Reilly Factor to find out.

Judge Cashman and a host of similars are what our law schools are turning out, and have been turning out for decades. They are another example of why philosophy matters to every human, right down to where the rubber meets the road. People are only as good as their ideas. Judge Cashman is a sterling representative of today's judiciary.

Ask yourself if you think you could expect justice (you know, represented by the blind-folded lady with the scales) from a Judge Cashman? Do not forget that there are many more Judge Cashman's taking up space on the benches in our courthouses.

As for the fellow travellers, the media, they have followed the example of the Vermont media. If covered at all, this Vermont travesty has been hidden in the back pages. World Net Daily and Fox News have done fine jobs in providing exposure, in stark contrast.

It is no secret that the journalistic media, in all its forms, is now far Left. From the far Left, they excuse dictators, socialists, criminals, and morally reprehensible persons of all sorts. They either turn blind eyes and report nothing, or they hide their reporting, in hopes no one will find it.

This specific story about Judge Cashman is far from over, but, we can reaffirm, as Vermont goes, so goes the nation.


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