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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Low in Dhimmitude

It is simply too bad that so few of us will have the opportunity not to fly this airline. If the British had enough spine, they would make it hurt by boycotting it. Here is the whole article, to be "appreciated" in its entirety.

Airline bans Bibles to avoid offending Muslims
Carrier to Saudi Arabia also precluding crucifixes, teddy bears

© 2006

A British airline banned its staff from taking Bibles and wearing crucifixes or St. Christopher medals on flights to Saudi Arabia to avoid offending the country's Muslims.

British Midland International also has told female flight attendants they must walk two paces behind male colleagues and cover themselves from head to foot in a headscarf and robe known as an abaya, the Mirror newspaper of London reported.

Teddy bears or other cuddly toys also are not allowed.

Airline officials, who have sparked outrage, the paper says, explain the Islamic kingdom's strict laws – enforced by religious police – prohibit public practice of Christianity and figures of animals.

BMI spokesman Phil Shepherd said: "In providing air services people want, demand and use, we have an obligation to respect the customs of the destination country."

An airline employee who asked not to be named told the Mirror: "It's outrageous that we must respect their beliefs but they're not prepared to respect ours."

The employee said his grandmother gave him a crucifix shortly before she died that he wears at all times.

"It's got massive sentimental value and I don't see why I have to remove it," he said.

The airline's staff handbook says: "Prior to disembarking the aircraft all female crew will be required to put on their company issued abaya. It will be issued with the headscarf which must be worn."

The employees' union wants staff members to be able to opt out of the flights, but the airline says the only option is to transfer from overseas staff to domestic flights, which could mean a loss of about $30,000 a year in wages.

About 40 staff members have filed complaints since the route began in September.

Some of the male members who are homosexual have called in sick, because they are afraid of traveling to Saudi Arabia, where homosexual activity is punishable by flogging, jail or death.


  • At Wed Jan 11, 03:17:00 PM PST, Blogger gandalf said…

    What can you say, there are Muslim festivals being held in cabinet offices to which they invite radical Imams.

    British Midland Airways is based in Birmingham which has a huge Muslim population.

    The problem is that "managers" and "diversity experts" earn brownie points by adopting these lunatic concepts, they are merely useful Idiots to the cause of Islam

  • At Fri Jan 13, 09:16:00 AM PST, Blogger George Mason said…


    How do you stand it?

    To think that Birmingham was the hub of the English Industrial Revolution, that child of the Enlightenment, and look at it now.

    It is small comfort that England and America are having a folie a deux with the same lunacy.

  • At Sat Jan 14, 07:36:00 PM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    In the Sunday (1/15/05) New York Daily News there is an article about the "Hookah Bars" on Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens (Little Egypt.) In these "bars" they smoke a tabacco mixture of some sorts. They want exemption from Bloomberg's anti-smoking laws and their City Council memeber is helping them (against the wishes of neighbors who hate the smell.)

    Now there's quite a few laws that I'd like an exemption from (say about 90%!) Perhaps we should start a religion and ...

  • At Sat Jan 14, 07:48:00 PM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At Sun Jan 15, 07:38:00 AM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    Sorry, that last post was for "Gates of Vienna" ... I don't know how it got here. I deleted it.

  • At Sun Jan 15, 07:41:00 AM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    PS I have more on that Hookah Bar.

  • At Sun Jan 15, 09:26:00 AM PST, Blogger George Mason said…


    Apparently starting a religion is a lucrative business. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology specifically as a de novo religion to serve his purposes. That was in the 1950s, and it still going strong. And why not, given intellectual powerhouses like Tom Cruise shilling for it.

    As for the hookah bar and special dispensation for Muslims, this seems like Nazism in reverse. The Nazis singled out minorities in their culture while protecting the main body of Germans. Thanks to postmodernism's influence, we have law makers and regulators becoming predators on the main body of Americans while providing special dispensations for selected minorities. Not one law maker in a 1000 seems to grasp the concept of equality under the law.

  • At Mon Jan 16, 05:08:00 PM PST, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    I remember reading someone taking about "Nazism in reverse." Was it Tracinski or was it you here on 6th sense? I think it was on ... it's a good point. And it adds to the absurdity of postmodernism.

    I always thought that Hubbard turned his crude form of psycho-therapy into a religion to avoid that fate of Wilhelm Reich ... jail. He got away with it ... unlike Jim Baker.

    In any case, I the Hooshah bar story is making the rounds.


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