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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Documents Reveal White House Deal on Ports

Only a fool believes that the President of the United States makes decisions completely on his own. All presidents are first politicians that have combined with many groups and individuals during their careers in order to get elected. George W. Bush is no exception.

A wealthy businessman in the oil business, a member of Skulls and Bones, the exclusive and ultra-secret group of Yalies, the son of another President of the United States and a member of the upper crust, George W. Bush has surely become accustomed to working with the most prestigious and influential people in the United States, if not the world. However, wealthy, class, prestige and influence don't always come with wisdom and common sense. It is obvious that Bush and his advisors are senseless about the true nature of the enemy. They have been lulled by dealing with others of their same social group, perhaps Western educated, well mannered and well spoken, seeing them on human level, one-on-one, man-to-man, not understanding that this just veneer.

Below the vaneer lurks the culture from which these people arise, ready to spring, metaphorical dagger in hand, ready to attack with sundry weapons that seem not to be weapons: the shut off of oil, the selling off of securities, the cancelling of contracts, the expulsion of business partners. More than the bombs and weapons of mass destruction, these are the weapons most feared by Bush and his partners. They are not necessarily to blame for the pickle we are in as American business has allowed itself to be drawn along through various administrations and through several decades.

No matter which choice is made, this is a no win situation for the United States.


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