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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

GUEST BLOG: We Need A President With NADS

The hair should be standing on the backs of your necks now-if you’re a real American. Looks like President Bush may veto opposition to the takeover of US ports by terrorists. Is anyone pissed about this!!??

Last I heard we were at war with terrorism and any government/country that supports terrorism. So, on that, Bush decides to hand over our ports to a company that lies in the heart of the country that molded, nurtured and coddled 2 of the 9/11 terrorists and made it very easy, at the very least, for al Qaeda to fund it’s work.

Ok, is our president mentally capable? I seriously question his ability to run this country now. Is Bush fit for command? The headlines in the news this morning are now reporting that President Bush “didn’t know Dubai Ports World was an Arab owned company.” WHAT?! What about the word DUBAI didn’t he get?

If Bush is this naive he is unfit to command this country. If he is this misinformed, he is unfit to command this country. If this was intentional, it is treason and he needs to be impeached and he is unfit to command this country. In any case, he is a hazard to this country at this point. We need a Churchill in the captain’s seat! We need a commander with nads!

So, gang, since we have no potential commanders with nads in the line of sight, it looks like it will need to be up to those of us who care to strap on the cup and get out there and do the right thing. The Minute Men did it for our borders. Now we need to form a militia (I mean that in the historical sense of the word) that will defend the United States of America against these crazy occult Islamists! Our President is in full denial that a “religion” could be bad. He obviously doesn’t get it. We need to protect our own! Be prepared.

A Very Concerned American


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