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Monday, February 20, 2006

Scary Thoughts on Dubai AND the Flight 93 Memorial


First, there can be no doubt that the biggest problem we face, right along with our porous border problem, is the sudden outsourcing of the management of our ports to a company in Dubai, Dubai Ports International. If you haven't done so already, please send short messages to the White House at and to your senators and representatives here and here. Do it every day, if you have time; I have already heard some mumbling that the contract with Dubai might have to be cancelled if enough people (that would be us) object strongly enough. Someone--can't remember who, unfortunately--has called the selection of DPI for this job a "Harriett Meiers."

Remember the adage, "If at first you don't succeed, nag, nag, again!" And remember too, no matter how well-reasoned and persuasive anything you might have to say is, "they" regard your communication as nothing more than a poll; the argument you work on so carefully will be wasted on them, so state the subject and write a message that approximates a "yes" or "no" as closely as possible.

Michelle Malkin has a lot of interesting material in her article 2/16/06 article "Sellout," where she gives more information than we have generally been hearing about in the news.

Most of us have heard that the top-secret meeting held by members of the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (the infamous CFIUS) was where the sellout occurred.

Did you know that Treasury Secretary John Snow, who chaired the meeting, was once chairman of the freight rail company CSX Corp., which sold (for a cool $1.15 billion) its global assets to Dubai Ports World, and that the sale took place in 2004, the year after he joined the Bush administration?

And then there's David Sanborn, who was once a senior official of World Ports International, acting as its director of operations for Europe and Latin America. He was recently made administrator of our Transportation Department's Maritime Administration.

Let's not forget what Stewart Baker, assistant secretary of policy at the Department of Homeland Security, said. He said that Dubai had a "solid security record." Well, that was his opinion, but the New York Post found otherwise. UAE's banking system, well known for corruption, provided most of the cash for the 9/11 hijackers, and much of the actual planning for the 9/11 attacks took place in the UAE. In addition, the UAE (Dubai is one of the seven countries that make up the UAE) has "stonewalled" us when it came to tracking down Osama bin Laden. Even the 9/11 Commission report implicated the UAE and Dubai in unsavory activity involving several of the terrorists immediately prior to the attacks. Ed Morrissey, in Malkin's article, points out that nine future hijackers were assisted by facilitator Ali Abdul Aziz between April and June 2001 as they came through Dubai on their way to the U.S. Ali helped them with plane tickets, traveler's checks, hotel reserverations, and even taught them activities of daily living such as how to order food and buy clothes.

Dubai was the logical choice as a transfer point for the terrorists, since it is a modern westernized city with access to a major airport, travel facilities, hotels, and western commercial institutions.

Now, in addition to the dubious record of Dubai, a Muslim state, the thing that bothers me MOST about Dubai Ports International is the very fact that it is running ports all over the world (see here - spooky, if you ask me. As best I can tell, the only continent left in the world that does NOT yet have DPI involvement is North America.

Here's my problem: If you were an enemy of the U.S. and you had access to many of the world's major ports, and you wanted to blow them all up, wouldn't you be tickled if somewhere in the management heirarchy there were those who agreed with your goals and wanted to help?

How every convenient!

Just think, it wasn't very long ago - a matter of weeks, wasn't it? - that bin Laden and his buddies warned us that it wouldn't be long before we infidels experienced something that would make the Twin Towers look like a practice session.

And if you think you're safe because you live on the West Coast, and no ports there are on the Dubai list, think again. One of the ports IS on the West Coast, it's just that it's in Canada, not in the U.S. Wish our friends in British Columbia well; the port targeted by Dubai in Canada is Vancouver.

Between emails to the President and your representatives and senators, do one other little thing; most of us are already familiar with the grotesque attempt at yet another deception (Gasp! Say not so!) in the name of Islam, and that is the "re-design" of the infamous Flight 93 Memorial.

The "memorial" is nothing more than the altar of dhimmitude upon which the memory of those brave passengers was sacrificed. I am a frustrated architect, and I looked over the shoulder of one of my kids while she studied landscape architecture. Despite that, when I saw Error Theory's supurb expose of the "tribute," with all its renderings and specifications, I had a very difficult time finding the so-called "revisions." It STILL looked like a damned crescent facing Mecca. It WAS a damned crescent facing Mecca!

The "memorial" remains a monument only to the dhimmitude of everyone involved in the design and its implementation. It is certainly not a design that honors the courage of the Flight 93 passengers.

Please, don't let this happen.

For your convenience, just in case you weren't able to see the piece or save the contact information, I have reproduced it below (with gratitude to Error Theory):

Here is contact information for the primary players in this disgrace:

Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior (who must sign off in the final design): gale_norton@ios.doi.gov202 208-7351. Department of Interior 1849 C St, NW, Washington DC 20240

John Reynolds, Chairman, Flight 93 Memorial (202) 238-4200National Park Foundation 11 Dupont Circle, NW , Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036 Attn: John Reynolds

Joanne Hanley, Superintendent, Flight 93 Memorial Project or (There is also an email form on the National Park Service website at: 814 443-4557National Park Service 109 West Main Street, Suite 104 Somerset, PA 15501-2035

Jeff Reinbold, Project Manager, Flight 93 Memorial jeff_reinbold@nps.gov814 443-4557National Park Service 109 West Main Street, Suite 104 Somerset, PA 15501-2035

Chris Martin, publicity manager for the Memorial Project

Congressman John Murtha (who sponsored the House legislation that created the Memorial Project): 814-535-2642 or 202-225-2065PO Box 780Johnstown, PA 15907-0780

Senator Arlen Specter (who sponsored the Senate legislation that created the Memorial Project): 202-224-4254

Contact your own representative here:

And if you have a message for Paul Murdoch, you can reach him at:


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