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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We erred on our 20 February blog entry by stating that Dubai Ports World was being contracted to take over security at six of our major ports. We have learned that DPW is not and cannot take over port security functions. They are to run operations at terminals within these ports. We stand corrected, but we hasten--other than that single fact, all other concerns stand.

As Charles Krauthammer pointed out, once ensconced into port functions, DPW will, of necessity, have to be informed about all port security means and measures. The danger potential to our ports comes from who finds out what, and what they do with it. Also, DPW, like our other port operating companies, will receive container cargo from sundry international origins. Since we have little input and control at origination points and can manage to examine only some 5 - 7% of arriving containers, we have the makings for a huge problem. We must be able to rely on companies.

Can we rely on those doing the work now? Who knows? We do not. Can we rely on DPW? Who knows? We do know that we will be dealing with a company with a severe bias built in. It would be similar to playing dice games with dice loaded to favor he who owns the dice.

The most important thing is not some knee-jerk reaction right now. The president can delay this contract at least 45 days, and this would allow much better examination of DPW, and it would be in the sunshine, not done as some secret government cabal. Much more information is needed about DPW and the contract, and much more information is needed from our own government.

Perhaps the uproar will finally cause the scrutiny, in the name of America's security.


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