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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Greater Islamia

Here is your Sand Savage Moment of the Day: The United States of Islam (thanks to Foundation for the Defense of Democracy).

And here is the hot link page text (unformatted) from the Islamic website that goes with the map:

A Few years from now, by the turn of the 21st century most part of the world shall be united into strong multipower blocks of nation. I.E. the power full federations and the confederations of states.

These powerful blocks shall not just dominate the world political scene but shall rule the world in all aspects trade and commerce, economic, defense and security issues and other spheres.

Who are these powerful blocks of nations?

They are:
The North American Alliance (NAFTA)

Russian Federation

The largest single nation state in the world

The biggest economy of the 21st century and the world’s most popular country
European Union , A powerful confederation of rich prosperous European states having a single currency

Do we have an answer to these powerful blocks of Nations?

Do We think standing alone as individual Muslim nation states we could withstand their ever increasing influence and dominance?


There is only one answer

Unites States of Islam !

A Powerful confederation of all 55 Muslim nation states andl Islamic people. Uniting in all aspects of trade, commerce, economics, foreign policy, defense and security issues.

But does United States of Islam exists

No-------------it does not

Why does it not exist, when we have these blocks of nations:
• United States of America (NAFTA)
• Russian Federation
• China
• European Union

Why? Because we never sincerely worked for it? & They did…………………….. .?
Still we don’t want to work for it and they do-------------------------------?

Why dont we ?
Because we are often lethargic lacking in ambition, failing to find the right kind of political will necessary to achieve United States of Islam.

A Secure future for the Muslim world lies in Unity not disunity
United States of Islam is not an illusive dream, an utopia, as everyone would tell you.
It is a simple idea, a rational plan which if implemented with sincerety of purpose shall achieve what it should achieve.
The ultimate unity of all Muslim beings.
It does not demand "A radical Islamic Revolution"
Or a political movement
Any unlawful act or anarchy
Its essential are sincerity of purpose and a strong political will to be appred by Muslim Nation States and Islamic people.


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