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Monday, May 08, 2006

Why Do We Pay to Support the Muslim World When Billions in Oil Money Is Available?

We live in a screwed up world

The West Continues to Pay the Jizya to Muslims of all Stripes even though Arab Petro-Billiionaires Are More Than Capable of Their Support.

A good question. Once upon a time, before the discovery of the fabulous stores of black gold deposited below the sands of the Arabian Peninsula, the Muslim world needed the West's help; now they don't. They don't really need the foreign the West offers but continue to hold out the beggar's bowl in order to lay a guilt trip on the West, to keep going the age-old custom of the Jizya that is paid in lieu of taxes lost when Infidels "revert" to Islam, and so that the petro-billionaires can spend their money....on themselves.

Howe exactly do they spend it? Here's Fitizgerald at JihadWatch to explain what they do with their money instead of helping to improve the lives of fellow Muslims,(except in the case of mosque building and da'wa on which these petro-billionaires spend until it hurts!), and why the West continues to foolishly dole it out:

Saudi Arabia alone takes in nearly $1 billion a day. Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and the other seven Muslim or Muslim-ruled states in OPEC -- ten of the eleven fall into that category -- could with a snap of one Al-Saud princeling's finger pay the $55 million monthly that Arabs have already pledged to the Hamas government -- or ten times, or fifty times, that, if they cared to do so. But they don't. They want to make sure that the Infidels keep paying, and that no Infidel gets it into his head that the rich Muslims should pay for the poorer Muslims, especially when those poorer Muslims can only survive on a permanent dole, for they are where they are, in the condition of economic paralysis that they are, because they choose to be. They are encouraged by all the Arabs and Muslims to be nothing more than the shock troops of the Lesser Jihad against Israel.
It is madness for Infidels, who are now spending hundreds of billions of dollars in the Muslim world, to continue to pay what is a Jizyah. (The figure for the American taxpayers alone, in Iraq alone, is now close to $400 billion -- if we include as sunk costs that of treatment for wounded veterans and replacement of desert-degraded equipment.) Aid to the “Palestinians” is not sort of, or kind of, a Jizyah. It is a classic Jizyah. It is payment from Infidels to Muslims, who take the money in a spirit not of gratitude, but as of right, and are infuriated that the Infidels would dare not to continue such payments wherever they have been instituted. Just look at the howls of indignation over the past few months from the Hamas government and from other "Palestinians," other Arabs, and from their supporters and collaborators all over Europe -- such people as Alistair Crooke, the former British agent who became such an enthusiastic supporter, cheerleader, praiser and promoter of Hamas.

The West has got to kick the Jizyah habit. It is absurd that hundreds of billions are spent to counteract, however clumsily, the Jihad by attempting to create this impossible dream of Iraq the Model, Iraq the Light Unto the Muslim Nations. It is absurd that the West risks lives all over Afghanistan to make that country safe for non-Taliban Muslims who would, nonetheless, condemn an apostate to death, and who have no love for Infidels at all. And on top of that the entire Western world now must spend gigantic sums, everywhere, and permanently, to secure churches, synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, airports, metro stations, railroads and railroad stations, sea ports, bridges, government buildings, brave and outspoken political figures (see Geert Wilders, see Ayaan Hirsi Ali), all because of the Muslim presence in those countries.
And yet, on top of it, the long-suffering Western taxpayers are now asked to support the shock troops of the Jihad against Israel -- the so-called "Palestinian people," even though the billions (and where did those billions go? And why does Sura Arafat apparently have hundreds of millions of dollars in her Parisan possession?) that simply disappeared when Arafat died have yet to be recovered? Why are Infidels supporting Muslim states or people anywhere, when those same Muslim states and people by their behavior and clearly expressed attitudes of menace and hate are costing hundreds of billions -- and at the same time, through no effort on their own part, the rich Arabs have been, and continue to be, the recipients of the largest transfer of wealth in human history?

Here's a remedy:

Our goal, the Infidel goal, should be to diminish that Arab and Muslim "money" weapon that helps fund the Jihad. One way is to reduce the sums received. Another way is to make sure that claims to part of that money is made, and made noisily, by the poor Arabs and Muslims. Let the rich Muslims share their wealth with fellow members of that supposed umma al-islamiyya. Let them pay for the "Palestinian" Arabs. Psychologically it is important to break the notion that we Infidels owe them, owe any Muslims, a thing. We don't. And if we can cause a little internecine rancor, as usually happens when the donor does not give the donee what he think he deserves, being never quite satisfied, and the donor in turn becomes more and more enraged at the seeming ingratitude of the donee, with his hand perennially out, and if both donor and donee are Arab Muslims, won't the ensuing and permanent bad feeling (Arafat, to extract money from rich Arabs, made all kinds of threats) isn't that a good thing for Infidels? Don't Infidels need to buy time, and don't they wish for dissension and division in the camp of Islam? Or are they convinced, in the Bush manner, that they are still merely fighting a "war on terror" that has little to do with the tenets or promptings or attitudes that Islam contains or fosters?

No Jizya. Not to Hamas, and not to the "Palestinians" who may not prefer to the Fast Jihad of Hamas the Slow Jihad of Abbas. Not to any Muslim state or people. The Saudis (and the Arabs in the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, and many other Muslim oil states, including Iran) can take care of them. They have plenty of money.

Let the "Palestinians" ask the Saudis. Let all the poor Muslims ask the Saudis and other rich Arabs. And whether the answer is a Yes or a No, Infidels will be the winners. That's it.

Yes. Good call. We in the West don't owe anything and shouldn't have to feel that we do. Let the Saudis pay. It will give them a sense of true accomplishment of good use of their money if they can lift from poverty these poor unfortunates as they don't seem to accomplish much of anything else except to spread their vile Wahabbist "religion." Then, maybe they'll have less to spend all that mosque building and da'wa to create more of the likes of Richard Reid, David Hicks, and a host others.


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