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Friday, June 23, 2006


NEW FOR JUNE 2006 ON OUR WEBSITE, 6TH COLUMN AGAINST JIHAD (see website for hot links)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We have many changes afoot, and more to come:

We are moving our blog, Sixth Column, to its new host with its new address, effective 1 July 2006.

The old site of Sixth Column will remain solely for the archives, until we can successfully export them to the new URL.

The new site of Sixth Column will have a new email address.

The website, 6th Column Against Jihad, is changing its email address to 6thCAJ@6thColumnAgainstJihad.Com.

We have established another blog for the topics not really "on topic" for this website and Sixth Column: The New Enlightenment.

New division pages both for Noteworthy and Hatred of the Angels.

Folding Commentary pages into the Noteworthy folder page.

Further additions are under development but are not ready for publicizing.


o From George Mason, Getting Into Their Minds III: How Does Islam Do It?, an
astonishingly perceptive article by Laurent Murawiec, Deterring Those Who Are Already Dead?

o From Jane Scully, Hatred of the Angels, Chapter 6: The Emir of Rome.

o From Jacob Thomas, The Constants and Conditions of “Gulf” Islam and Muslims Questioning Islam.

o From Flemming Rose (courtesy Der Spiegel), Why I Published the Muhammad Cartoons.

o From the Halls of Montezuma to the Halls of Shame, U.S. Marines Build Shrine to Islam.

o Humor on They Said It, What if Other Religions Had Muslim Values?

o Another fabulous article about a Founding Father from David McCullough, A Man Worth Knowing.

o Unique analyses of current events on our ongoing blog, SIXTH COLUMN, and topics not covered usually on Sixth Column and 6th Column Against Jihad now on The New Enlghtenment blog.


From George Mason, How Does Islam Do It (I)? The Basics.

From Jason Pappas of Liberty and Culture, Two Methods of Attack, on Commentary

From Jane Scully, Hatred of the Angels, Chapter 5, Two Souls . (An original novel about
Eurabia, of tomorrow)

From Always on Watch blog, Islam and the Criminal Mind

New from D.C. Watson, Review of and Chapter from his new book, TRUTH IS NOT BIGOTRY: Sometimes it just hurts

New Archives, on site and off site

New Links on Recommended page


And, as always, outstanding daily analyses on Sixth Column


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