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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

They Gouged Out Their Eyes. . .

The tortured bodies of two of our soldiers were found in Iraq days after they were set up and kidnapped. Many speculate that they were beheaded, and Bill O'Reilly said that their eyes had been gouged out. While DNA studies are always done on the bodies of military people killed in battle, there has been further speculation that the degree of mutilation that they suffered was so great that DNA tests were required to be sure of their identity. Unless their fingers were cut off too, making fingerprinting impossible, and unless their teeth were removed, it is quite probable that identification was made through prints or dental records even if their appearance was otherwise severely altered by their captors.

Many of us imagine that the MSM are merely trying to "protect our sensibilities" by failing to report on the details of such incidents.

What is happening is, in fact, is an attempt by the Politcally Correct crowd to hide from us those details so that we don't get so angry that we will demand justice for the murderers.

After all, if we became angry enough, we might even recall that these "people" were never signatories to any of the Geneva Conventions. We might further remember that we have never officially declared war against Islam, "the enemy who must not be named."

Does this mean that we have to descend to their contemptably primitive level of thought and behavior? Of course not; but neither does it mean that we have to wear gloves so as not to sully their War Manual while handing them out in our retention centers.

"Fair" and "just" are not the same as "stupid."


  • At Thu Jun 22, 12:56:00 PM PDT, Blogger Seth said…

    1. There is no good side to evil.
    2. How does civilization Leadership or US fight a fair War or politically correct War for total Victory with an Evil it refuses to name?
    3. This is truly a life and death Leadership issue knocking on our doors pushing The Trojan Horse of Compromise and Capitulation.

    History of World Survival, finds it is way past time to purge the earth of Mohammed's Islam for it is consuming life itself.
    Remember, there is no good side to Evil or its brother the Less of Evils, for The Fruit of Islam tree, big or small.
    For sure, it must kill conscience of soul, execute the mind in Hell and feed a rage with a rape of spirit and body.
    Time to cut this Devil tree down and salt the ground.

  • At Thu Jun 29, 01:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger Jason_Pappas said…

    It should be clear to people that treating tribal savages as if they were civilized only backfires. It only breeds more savagery. Indeed, the viciousness is often broadcast in Arab media and taught in Islamic schools. This invigorates them. We look weak and we are weak. That has only emboldened them.

    After the initial periods in Afghanistan and Iraq some were getting the right message. Quaddafi understood, not that democracy is coming, but that death is coming for those who threaten us. But with our pathetic follow up that’s changed. Doesn’t the posturing of the Iranian thug-in-chief show that we are no longer feared? We clearly need new leadership!

    By the way, let’s remember that this is nothing new. A few years back when West Bank Arabs got hold of two Israeli soldiers they tore them apart by hand running through the streets with their guts in celebration. People have got to realize what kind of savages we are dealing with.

    I’m glad you guys are talking about this.


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