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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Power to the People...the Mexican People

From the "I Want to Scream Files". I have nothing against Mexico or Mexicans. However, I am not in favor of the mass migration into the United States of any group.

" 'Mexican Power' -- What American Politicians Don't Want to Know."

Here is a disturbing article in which Allan Wall demonstrates that the Mexico is complicit in sending us all those immigrants. Be sure to follow the internal links.

If you read Spanish, go directly to the animated map. Follow the directions for eye full. In his article, Wall gives further explanation and additional links.

Although this makes me furious, I can't help but think that somehow the established American hierarchy is also complicit. It appears that someone didn't pay attention in history class on the days they discussed the Mexican-American War and the aftermath. And they seem to be oblivious to the century-and-a-half of seething resentment on the part of Mexicans since that period.

What were they thinking? Perhaps 'Mexican Power' is the result of unintended consequences on their part. If so the morons have been outsmarted and, naturally, the rest of us will pay the price.


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