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Sunday, May 27, 2007

First New Message In Almost A Year

We moved almost a year ago from Google and Blogger to TypePad. Now we have changed our name and expanded what we are doing. Since a significant number of readers use this site daily, we need to keep everyone current.

Our new blog is now known as Brushfires of Freedom. It moved over with the same name as this blog, namely Sixth Column, until mid-May 2007. Please note, however, that although the name changed, the blog url and email addresses stayed the same--to minimize confusion and people not finding us. Also, please note that our website, 6th Column Against Jihad, has neither changed name or address.

Brushfires of Freedom has a couple of auxiliary blogs: The New Enlightenment and Nous America. Each operates hand in glove with Brushfires. Nous American, however, focuses on the thises and thats of our culture, such as movies, television, art matters, cultural vexations and kudos. The New Enlightenment parallels Brushfires of Freedom with exploration of the ideas which further and those which sabotage our culture. We expanded the focus of Brushfires at the time of the name change so that we could deal with more than Islamic and illegal alien matters. Both of these topics are as important as ever, but the fifth columns work numerous venues, and we as a sixth column have a lot of territory to cover in service to America. We will still be going after Islamic matters and illegal matters.

We are very proud of two new blogs. Our long time friend and colleague Eleanor now has her own blog, Eleanor Duckwall's Spotlight. She finds the best articles and puts her unique interpretation to them. Our colleague Cubed has started her educationally focused blog, Project Education Renovation, in order to get the right stuff out where it really counts, before kids become stick-in-the-mud adults.

Come on over, anytime, and stay as long as you like.