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Friday, June 23, 2006

For the cognitively blind

It is time once more for another treatment for the cognitively blind. You know, there's psychogenic blindness, ocular blindness, and cortical blindness. The worst and most wide-spread is cognitive blindness.

Cognitive blindness refers to that huge gaggle of people who either will not see or will not allow themselves to see the facts of reality. Some will tell themselves that what they see cannot be true, but most will tell themselves that they will not allow themselves to see what they do not want to be true.

Reality, nevertheless, marches on. Overnight, seven ne'erdowells were arrested in the most inappropriately named "Liberty City" section of Miami, Florida. (If there ever was a place to insert the tube to give the earth an enema, Liberty City would be it.)

Why? The are a terror cell. They are made of the homegrown and a few Haitian imports. Among other targets, they wanted to take down the Sears Tower in Chicago and precipitate a state of total war within America.

Although they swore allegiance to Al Qaeda, they are not Al Qaeda.

They are, however, converts to ISLAM. Now watch the cognitively blind head for their blinders and eye patches not to see Islam as THE COMMON DENOMINATOR in all of this so-called "terror."

It is not some adjectivized Islam, such as "radical" Islam. No siree, it is just plain Islam, just as it has been all along. Islam unites all these ne'erdowells worldwide, from all flavors of culture.

So, for today, here is the treatment for the cognitively blind. Repeat:

It is Islam, stupid.
It is Islam, stupid.
It is Islam, stupid.


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