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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Arab-Americans Miss the Point

Today's Washington Post published an interesting article, accompanied by a sidebar with videos depicting Arab Americans discussing their disillusionment with both Kerry and Bush. Like the majority of other Americans, these Arab-Americans miss the point. They are focused only on terrorism, which is a tool in the arsenal of the Islamists.

They focus only on their experience. To be be fair, they are as shortsighted as are most other Americans that only see the effect of terrorism on their lives. They don't look into the future to see how Islamism will change their lives. Even the young Arab-Americans in these videos will have their lives grossly changed if Wahabbism takes hold, if the Caliphate is reinstated. This is the real danger, more dangerous than terrorism or internment in camps.

Until the occupants of the White House, the governing apparatus of the United States, the American public, including Arab-Americans can understand that the greater danger does not lie in the blowing up of a few airplanes and buildings, but in the intimidation of the use of nuclear weapons and the stealthily-executed plan of changes favoring the Saudi-styled Wahabbist Islam that is taking hold in many, if not most, of America's mosques, America will be divided and vulnerable.

Arab-Americans, many of whom are not Muslim, would benefit more by helping the FBI and Homeland Security to ferret out those people that they know, or even suspect, of potential terrorism, or that are engaged in activities that are harmful to the United States. Their whiney posture of victimhood is counterproductive and serves only to encourage our enemies.


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