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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Normal People

Right now, I want to focus on the Republican National Convention rather than Islam. My attention has been diverted to the RNC because I have found it unexpectedly fascinating.

Three elements from last night's session struck me. Of course, there were the two stellar speakers. Arnold Schwartzenegger hit a grand slam. He spoke to the American soul. Those in the audience rose to applaud his first remarks and stayed standing for the remainder of his speech.

Talking-head men missed the significance of Laura Bush's speech, but Fox News Channel reporter, Martha Macallum, got it. Laura spoke to the women of America, and Martha reported how the women in the convention visibly responded to Laura Bush, non-verbally and through their applause. That Mrs. Bush intended to reach the women and did, sailed over the heads of the chatting class, male division.

Outside, Democrat party debris "demonstrated" their fundamental ugliness, even into jail, once again providing beautiful contrast to those inside Madison Square Garden (MSG).

Inside MSG, the third element knocked me over. Cameras panned many state delegations. I saw blacks, whites, asians, orientals, hispanics, and some of races I could not identify. A few seemed dialed out of the proceedings, but surely some 95+ % were actively involved in the proceedings and expressed their thoughts and feelings without apparent reservation. I saw old people, very young people, all men and women seemingly about equal in numbers.

The most striking thing I noticed about these people in MSG is how much they look like my neighbors. When I go downtown, I see people who look just like this also. If I go to the "big city" from my rural locale, I see only a small change; there are more orientals, because we have a large number of orientals in my part of the country.

Racial, gender, and age distributions concern Democrats, but not normal people.

The operative concept I am addressing here is "normal" people. That is what I saw filling Madison Square Garden last night: NORMAL PEOPLE. They were positive, productive, and patriotic. They smiled and laughed because they were having FUN. Democrats and other liberals do not have fun. In fact, Democrats and other liberals are the modern Puritans, which Mencken, I believe, defined as those living in fear that somewhere, somehow, someone is having fun.

There was a cleanness to the RNC crowd. It was obvious that these are Americans, not Democrats. OK, I know that some Democrats are patriotic Americans, but they seem to be on the endangered species list right now. Most Democrats are liberals, which is another name for socialist, which is the mother of communism, which still attracts too many of them.

The contrast of this hall full of normal Americans to the hall contents at the Democrat National Convention knocked my socks off. The latter seemed like a mix of the famous Star Wars bar scene and the Martian subterranean society in a Schwartzenegger movie (title escapes me right now: "Eraser," ?). To paraphrase Hank Hill on "King of the Hill," they ain't right. When these people show up in singles for television interviews, they clearly "ain't right," but there is no mass effect. Cluster them, and you feel like you are looking into the asylum.

It was amusing that the King of Repulsia, Michael, the Sleaze, Moore, "elected" not to return to the RNC. The rag he "reports" for, USA Today, said they did not want to disturb the convention proceedings. How magnanimous.

Democrats-liberals-socialists permeate all of the media, academia, and government all the time and literally eclipse the larger -- dominant -- percentage of normal people in America. Daily, the permeating eclipse lulls us into the false impression that all of America needs a sheep dip, a bath, and sheering, before composting. It just isn't true.

You can be sure that I will glue myself to the couch for the RNC tonight. I can't get enough fixes from the normal world.


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