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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN REPORT: Ignorance at the State Department Runs (Down) Policy, Again

State Department Slams US-Run Radio in Arab World,by Dr. Walid Phares,,October 26, 2004

I really do not know if America can survive its government. So few people know anything about Islam, and even fewer know anything about Arab culture. Every foreign policy action and war that I can remember since the end of World War 2 have been conducted in an "idea-free" zone. In fact, watching Iraq, and particularly the role of the State Department, I must conclude that anyone with ideas was given the pink slip a very long time ago. It dismays me to say so, but Colin Powell represents the State Department so well since he has the idealessness and unvalues resembling the actions of the lava lamp. By no means is he the worst. It is just that he is so representative.

Dr. Walid Phares has published the following article indicating the latest malintended bumbling of the State Department. Quite correctly, he points out that punditry programs, lectures, and other crude attempts at "spreading ideas" via radio do not work well with young people in Iraq. These kids want the music, as obnoxious as elders such as myself find it. The young are still young enough to want to experience life in a culture almost devoid of the feelings of life.

Dr. Phares makes some terrific statements, and this article is worth getting and reading:

"...Radio SAWA and its sister TV station al Hurra are more about the future of Middle Easterners than the future of politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Radio Free Middle East, the real function of SAWA, is not about who will next occupy the White House, but about how to free the oppressed people in a region that has produced lethal terrorist ideologies."

"...[M]usic is itself a tool of liberation. The Taliban, the Wahhabi and the Khumeinists are the enemies of songs and human emotions."

None of the choreographed attack is accidental. Dr. Phares opens this article with these words: "Here’s how a coordinated attack against Middle East democratization debuts in America: On October 13, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler writes on page A12 that "an Arab-language pop music and news station funded by the U.S. government and touted by the Bush administration as a success in reaching out to the Arab world . . . has failed to meet its mandate of promoting democracy and pro-American attitudes. In one sentence, three powerful bullets: 1) The US is funding Radio SAWA, supposed to promote Democracy and pro-American attitudes, 2) the Bush Administration is projecting it as an achievement, and 3) it has failed to meet its mandate."

This is pure fifth column evil at work. These fifth columnists infest organizations like the State Department, work assiduously to undercut the efficacy of the elected officials as crude politicking for Kerry, and work hand in glove with the fifth columnists in the journalistic media.

We must purge these fifth columns or perish.


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