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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Islam Flinches at Modern Western Values

Gee, I flinch and become disturbed when thinking about the values that are depicted in both Britain and America, but is this reason to maim and poison us? If you don't want your kids to see American images in movies and television, don't show them, block the signal with v-chips or other censoring devices, don't buy the CDs and DVDs, turn off the radio. No one is forcing Muslims, or even Americans, to consume objectionable material.

Don't buy the media and the distributors will go out of business. Don't watch the shows and the advertisers will withdraw their support, don't patronize the movie theaters or listen to radio and t.v. stations that broadcast material of which you don't approve, the market will close them down for they are out to make a profit, but for heaven's sake, don't muder us.

Many in the West agree with you on this subject and deplore how society has changed, but beheading and blowing people up won't reverse what has happened.

Both Islam and the West need reforming, but not in the same way. We in the West must fix what's wrong with our culture as well.


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