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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kosovo: The War Democrats Love -- How the Worm Has Turned!

Reading Don Feder's Cold Steel Caucus Report, a sense of anger and regret came over me. I had been deceived into believing that the world would be better off without Milosevic and Serbs in Serbia, that the KLA weren't jihadists, but "freedom fighters," that Serbs were not fighting in self-defense, and that the removal of Christian Serbs wasn't "ethnic cleansing." How stupid of me.

That's what the Clinton White House told us. They went to war without the express approval Congress or of the U.N., but that was o.k. NATO and the French approved, so it was o.k., that's what we were told. Now, George Bush hass gone to war WITH the approval of Congress and with a U.N. resolution, but that's not o.k. I'm confused!

Mon dieu, but of course! I DIDN'T have Michael Moore to explain Clinton's war to me. But that's o.k.


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