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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"A Rich, Spoiled Brat"

Disapproving of the rich and famous is an American passtime. Many wonder what it would be like to have several houses, fancy cars, and servants at our beck and call. The truth is that many wealthy citizens became that way because they worked darned hard for their money and they work just as hard to keep it. Sometimes some of them even work hard at giving it away. The motives are various.

Many wealthy parents worry that their children will grow up with the wrong attitude about money and will use wealth in the wrong way. They go out of their way to teach their children about philanthropy and the value of a dollar, sometimes living a Spartan existence as an example for their children. Not all wealthy people are materialists, spoiled in the pursuit of the acquisition of things and the collection of people to massage their egoes.

Public service for the wealthy had been encouraged as a way to pay for one's good fortune as wealth is sometimes tied with the dispensiing of God's grace. Others use their wealth as a naked grasp for power, and yet others disguise their ambition for power in the guise of philanthropy.

How will we characterize Teresa Heinz Kerry, the "eccentric" second wife of Senator John Kerry, candidate for President of the United States. The kindest thing that I can say about her is that she is a "rich, spoiled brat." You will have to draw your own conclusions about her character and ambition or if she fits in with any of the categories mentioned above.

Should such a person be First Lady of the United States? I think not. But the bigger question is whether or not a man with such a wife should occupy the White House.


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