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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Pen IS Mightier Than the Sword

The pen is mightier than the sword and in the war of ideas, arming soldiers in the conviction that they can do good things for their country that don't follow the Islamist line is sufficient reason for their humiliation and subsequent execution, for the human mind is the most dangerous weapon ever devised. If this wasn't so, Muslims would not have contrived and developed Islam so that it a thorough, totalitarian mind-control ideology.

The goal of the Islamists in Iraq is to same as that of the Islamists in Nigeria, Korea, Bali, Australia, United Kingdom, E.U., and the United States and Canada, as well as in the hearts of every single Muslim, living and dead: to create a world free of all other belief systems, making Islam triumphant regardless of the desires and beliefs of other human beings.

Islam must defeat those that champion freedom in Iraq even if they must kill every single Iraqi man, woman, and child. Even if they must raze every building, destroy every oil well, or turn over the sands of the deserts in their spite and vengeance in order to destroy any vestige of resistance to Islam and Sha’ria that might exist within the hearts of even one Iraqi. Such is their vehemence of their rage against freedom of thought. Why else would they have tortured and executed fifty Iraqi soldiers of the new force?

As America is attempting to help Iraqis to determine their own futures, free from an enslaving Sha'ria, all things American, including those acting there to alleviate the suffering of decades under Saddam's brutality, must be destroyed in such a manner as to demonstrate that resistance to Islam is not only futile but deserving of a death accompanied by horror and true pain and suffering .

Will there be anything left of Iraq besides ashes once the Jihadists have their way? Perhaps this is the plan: to use Iraq as an object lesson, to show, as did the Romans when they plowed over Carthage with salt, that resistance to Islam will only bring total destruction. The world should note this possibility: Islam will destroy you completely if action is not taken.


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