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Saturday, October 23, 2004

ISLAM: After living in freedom in the West, who would want to be forced to live under totalitarian mind control?

Reading Sa'ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi’s editorial certainly brings me closer to Islam knowing that Islamist fighters, jihadists, are striving to bring me closer to Allah. Of course I am being sarcastic. After living in freedom in the West, who would want to be forced to live under totalitarian mind control? Inviting Islam into our lives is equivalent to inviting Hitler's Brownshirts and all the others of the Nazi apparatus to inform and guide our lives.

Islamism and Nazism are the same in spirit and have the same goal: world domination. As Nazis used terror against European Jews and others in the 1930s, Islamists are using terror against the Jews and everyone else to create a climate of fear while they relentlessly dismantled European free institutions as well as in Africa and in Asia, replacing them with bureaucracies that stifled freedoms that we have traditionally enjoyed in the West.

The world and Europeans believed that they had freed themselves of Nazism forever at the end of WWII. Nazism as a political force was of course defeated, but the Nazi mentality remained behind in the minds of fringe elements of European society and in the minds of Anti-Semites, a traditional and unfortunate European mindset, as well as those that would come in contact with and be in league with North Africans and Middle Easterners, for the Nazi tradition had been transplanted to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood before Hitler’s death, and, like as the dangerous meme (mind virus) that it is, has infected the various and many Islamic resistance groups that have sprung up across today’s Muslim world.

Muslims need little to jump start them to use violence to accomplish their goal of world domination as the Koran, with its confusing collection of Sira, chapters, and “aya,” verses, and the ahadiths of the life of Mohammed give have abundant passages that exhort the Muslim to emulate the life of Mohammed, the “perfect man” that used tribalism, war and violence to spread the message of Islam. In contrast to Jesus, who preached a message of peace and non-violence, Mohammed encouraged and even exhorted Muslims to use the vehicle of war and deception to make Islam triumphant. Today extremists Muslims have gone back in time to revive the tradition of Mohammed as they have many times in the past. During thirteen hundred-fifty years, waves of Muslim aggression spread over the land, and sometimes were pushed back. Other times the invaders were successful, forcing populations to accept Allah at the point of a sword or at the prospect of living under the the condition of dhimmitude, enforced second-class citizenship.

To understand this point, non-Muslims MUST read history and procure and read these Koran, ahadiths, and other reference materials in order to form an informed opinion. Forming a correct opinion can be difficult for Islam does not permit dissent within its ranks and criticism or even questioning by non-Muslims is met with hostility, as both are capital offenses in the Muslim world. The Koran, a transcribed narrative depicting the stream of consciousness of Mohammed in conversation is confusing and difficult to understand as it is full of allusions to events of the Muslim world during the life of Mohammed, and information gleaned from the workings of Mohammed’s own mind, not the more straightforward teaching of the Torah and the Christian Bible.

Various Muslim scholars have had to interpret the even the text, and Muslims rely on these scholars to tell them what the Koran means. We all know that relying on others to tell us what something means is risky and unreliable at best as such opinions are often biased and fit an agenda. Muslims are required to read or memorize the Koran in Arabic even if they don’t understand Arabic, even if they are illiterate and can’t find out for themselves what the texts actually say. Translations of the Koran, ahadiths, and other texts, and explanations are available, but Muslims claim that they are not accurate, an absurd claim. How, then, would non-Arabic speakers and readers come to understand Islam? Muslims insist that they must take the word of Muslims that can speak and read Arabic for the inspiration.

The ahadiths are a compilation of the traditions and life of Mohammed collected and written down by various authors. “Each man has his own ahadith” speaks to their great numbers. As with sayings and events attributed to Jesus, conferences have been created to weed out those that seem less authentic. Even today there is controversy over what said and done and what it means. Today’s troubles are based on that controversy as Muslims bomb and maim each other in order to establish a dominant sect that will triumph over all other Muslims and the non-Muslim world in the name of Allah..

It is true that in the past Christians and Jews also have used war to spread and impose their faith, as we well know and as Islamists repeatedly remind us. That was then and this is now. Today’s world is far more dangerous. The spread of dangerous and lethal technologies has given extremists the power to do great harm to all mankind, not to solve the world’s problems, but to fulfill grudges and as revenge for real and perceived insults against groups and particular individuals.

Another point that is repeated is that America used atomic weapons at the end of World War II and have used nuclear weapons as a deterrent ever since. Nuclear weapons have become more than a deterrent. Our enemies see that America’s insistence that nuclear weapons not be made available for all as hypocrisy. However, America has not used nuclear weapons to spread an ideology of hate. They were used to check the totalitarian Soviets that had enslaved not only their own people but Eastern Europe and were threatening to move in on others as are the Islamists.

Today nuclear weapons are being used as potential blackmail in the hands of an apocalyptic ideology. There is no doubt in my mind that if Hitler had the bomb, he would not have used the bomb to end a war and to prevent further suffering. He would have used the bomb’s power to force us into slavery as his ideological successors, the Islamists and present-day European and American Leftists and surreptitious-Nazis, their collaborators, clearly will do.

If Islam is the “religion of peace,” why then do we find scores of influential Muslims spouting messages of hate across the Muslim world? Why aren’t they calling for Muslims to embrace peace and their non-Muslim neighbors in the spirit of brotherhood? There are Muslims that do, but it would be well to remember that for Islamists the term “peace” can’t be understood in the sense that we us it: the absence of war. For Islamists the term means “the absence of enemies.” To rid themselves of enemies, Islam requires that non-Muslims capitulate and swear allegiance to Islam whether or not they choose to adopt the faith and find themselves subdued as second-class citizens, dhimmis, with a list of prohibitions and responsibilities that would forever keep that status in front of their minds and those of their Muslims neighbors. If non-Muslims refuse to convert, or to become dhimmis, the other choice is death, for non-submission to Islam is a capital offense. For us in the West, this is no choice.

Muslims complain that the West keeps them down. The complaint is a red herring. Young Muslims are educated in the West and return home with all the knowledge and requisite skills to create viable industries to raise their standard of living. Billions of petro-dollars worth of oil have flowed into the accounts of wealthy Muslims around the world that could spend this money on creating industries and social services that would raise up the poverty-stricken millions of the world’s Muslims. Instead of improving the lives of the world’s Muslims, they choose to spend the money on themselves and on Islam, to make Islam triumphant over the world’s non-Muslims and as a vehicle for a power grab. Their leaders make the West and Israel the bad guy, a useful tool that they are using to keep the world’s Muslims agitated and focused on jihad rather than on them and on their bank accounts and lifestyles. As Iraq has shown us, there are certainly enough explosives and weapons in the Muslim world that could be used to overthrow corrupt governments if the people truly want something different.

It is obvious that the Islamists want something different and they will force the peoples of the Muslim world to want to accept extremism. The rhetoric of writers such as Sa'ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi is an example of a move to create a theocracy run by clerics as if found in Iran, in their minds a “purer” and better government. The form and tone of the new society and government could go in different ways. To keep that which is created in the “purist mold,” Islam has always had checks and balances: Muslims must determine whether a thought or action is Muslim or non-Muslim through constant reflection, referring to an Imam for guidance, interminable rituals that inform and guide every aspect and imaginable behavior, last, but not least, prayer. There is nothing wrong with prayer, but being led in prayer five or six times a day and monitored attendance at services is over the top, the perfect mind-control mechanism. Extremism is Islam requires a return to the Muslim past of the Middle Ages that was super-puritanical, punitive, and invasive.

Americans experienced a similar social and religious tone to that which was developed in Europe and transplanted to America, that that created during in Colonial America a Christian totalitarianism sustained by thought and morality police and eventually died out and was replaced by modern Christian thought and expression. Puritanical Muslim societies such as Saudi Arabia and Iran have the thought and morality police today as do the Taliban that are re-emerging in Afghanistan.

Sa'ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi’s editorial reflects the desire of Islamists the world over to affect world domination and the subjugation of all non-Muslims through jihad. His call may be for Middle Eastern Muslim consumption, but his words affect all of us whether we like it or not.


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