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Thursday, October 21, 2004

YES, YES, YES--->GETTING IT RIGHT!!!! Why to Vote for President Bush, by Harry Binswanger, from Capitalism Magazine

Vote for President Bush by Harry Binswanger -- Capitalism Magazine

I have been wanting to write a solid statement about why anyone who is remotely rational should re-elect George W. Bush. Life has been throwing many balls for this "juggler" right now, and I might not get to it until it is moot. Thankfully, Harry Binswanger has written one of the best critiques of Bush and Kerry and drawn elegant conclusions about why to re-elect Bush.

I read Mr. Binswanger's article today in Capitalism Magazine which is right up there with Front Page Magazine as one of the best on-line magazines. I can provide other details, but I cannot improve. So, read this article--and think.

To intice you, here is the article summary:

Summary: The nature of this campaign is set, and the meaning of this election is: independence vs. dependence. The Bush policies favor America retaining its sovereignty--cooperating with allies as and when they are willing--and America on the offensive. The Kerry program favors America surrendering that independence to curry favor with the bribed French and the America-hating despots at the United Nations.


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