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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More than third of U.S. Muslims see war on Islam

More than third of U.S. Muslims see war on Islam -- The Washington Times

"More than one-third of American Muslims believe that the U.S. war on terrorism is really a war on Islam, according to survey information released yesterday by researchers at Georgetown University."

Compare that to the C.A.I.R. survey published within the past two weeks that purports that 25% of Americans regard Muslims negatively.

The Islamic apologists whine petulantly while most of the rest of the media act like they do not know how to react to these data.

To me, these two surveys mean that we are making progress.

Prior to 9-11-2004, both of these surveys would have shown tiny percentages in the same categories. Despite the events of the 1990s, Americans remained obsequiously blind to Islam and its practitioners. Now, America is catching on: While not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists are Muslims, and this is what the objective Muslims are saying (See the Middle East Media Research Institute publications).

Only now are better sorts of Muslims in America starting to stand up publicly to oppose the Islamic jihadists in theory and practice, over three years later.

Those who have overcome their own inertia and read any of the really outstanding books which tell the truth about Islam (see our recommendations on 6th Column Against Jihad), have learned that Islam is as it has always been. It has always been a philosophy of war masquerading as a religion (wolf in sheep's clothing). It preaches universal conquest and domination by Muslims against all non-Muslim peoples on the globe.

All over the world, MUSLIMS are killing, maiming, and destroying. All over the world, ISLAM'S JIHADISTS preach violent death to America and act out what they preach. WE--the USA--have been severely attacked. By Whom? By Muslims, jihadists, Islamists. WE--the USA--have had to war against these sand savages of the religion and philosophy of hate and nihilism.

What is behind all of this jihadic misery in the world? It is ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM! We-the USA--ARE at war with Islam, and only the cowardly politically correct are trying to evade this fact by calling the Islamic spade a non-spade (like "radical Islam" or "hijacked Islam").

Who practices ISLAM? It is MUSLIMS. What identifies almost every terrorist infesting the world? They are MUSLIMS.

These are the facts of reality. I did not make up any of this. A is A. Things are what they are, modern academia notwithstanding.

Muslims and Islam caused this mess, and they have been teaching us to fear and hate them, and teaching us to want to destroy them. It is THEIR FAULT, not ours. We did not start this--Muhammad did, some 1400 years ago.

Muslims need to stop crying in their cups. They need to reform Islam fundamentally, subordinating Islamic might to the Rights of Man. If necessary, they must destroy Islam, if it cannot be modernized. As it is, it is a deadly philosophy totally on a par with Nazism in principles and actions. American Muslims need to break up living on "reservations," and assimilate. And, while doing it, stand up for America, loudly and proudly and stop actively and passively supporting its destruction.

These figures of 38% and 25% are too low, but they represent progress. If Muslims do not heal themselves, these numbers must increase until we reach critical mass which will force Islam into the existential choice of REFORM or PERISH.


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