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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Islam Is Another Way of Saying Arab Nationalism

An excellent column in Slate describes how competely the identity Muslims and Arabs are wrapped up in Islam. After all, Islam was created on the Arabian Peninsula by Arabs for Arabs. Arabs spread Islam by the sword to neighboring territories along with all things Arab.

Arabs today are seen and revered as the first among Muslims for their role in bringing Islam to mankind. Bin Laden is a Muslim commander that has been lifted up to a place of prominence because of his "Arabness," and it's not a small thing that recently Abu Musab al-Zarqawi pledged allegiance to him and changed the name of his group to reflect his new allegiance.

It will be well for Westerners to become familiar with the concept of Pan-Islamism. The Islamic power base was centered on the Arabian Peninsula until it was grabbed away by the Ottoman Empire. And Arabia will always be the site of the three Mosques and sacred ground.

Muslims may fight among themselves to determine the center of Muslim power, but they are united in their determination to defeat and subdue the Infidel. That's us folks! They will use any means possible. We are all aware of their violent and dark side: bombings and beheadings. Employing the tactics of taqiyya and kitman Muslims will lie, flatter, bribe, or do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal: world domination with a triumphal Islam also known as the Caliphate, and Arab Muslims will be in the driver's seat! Imagine what will happen to the cost of a barrel of oil if this comes to pass!

When you read the rest of the original Slate article, "It's an Arab Nationalist Thing," be sure to follow the interesting links for further clarification.


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