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Saturday, October 23, 2004

John Kerry Leaves a Bad Taste--Let Me Count the Ways

John Kerry leaves a bad taste. I knew of many reasons, Victor Davis Hanson eloquently and succinctly lists six of them that “have everything to do with style, character, and judgment.” Hanson’s six reasons, as a friend reminded me, have nothing to do with Kerry’s abilities as his friends and family won’t be the leader of the free world, a point to consider. To add my two cents to Hanson’s hundred dollars, we are judged by the company we keep and the old saw, “actions speak louder than words.” Kerry’s actions and words and the people that surround him now are indicative of those that would advise him in his “kitchen” or unofficial cabinet and those “foreign leaders” and their friends and colleagues that certainly would not hold the best interest of the United States as their primary concern.

My grandmother’s homespun wisdom regarding pillow talk comes to mind when thinking about the creepy Teresa Heinz Kerry, the most unlikely candidate for First Lady in almost one hundred years, in comparison to both the remarkable and the less shining examples of recent first ladies, the elegant and refined Jackie Kennedy, the motherly Barbara Bush, as well as Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Mamie Eisenhower, Bess Truman, the competent, though controversial Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the former school teacher-librarian, Laura Bush. Mrs. Heinz Kerry won’t be the leader of the United States, but there is no doubt in my mind that she will much to say and do about leading John Kerry if he becomes the leader. What’s more, Heinz Kerry is accustomed to getting her own way. Will it be wise to put such a headstrong individual in the halls of power to make her own mischief? I think not.

Kerry’s other choices of friends and companions give me pause. Michael Moore is not a person that is worthy to represent the United States in any function nor is the billionaire George Soros who doesn’t want a position in the government, but will be “glad to advise Kerry during his presidency.” What does the Left-winger Soros expect for those millions he shelled out to get Kerry elected as well as all those other Left-wing advisers that have pushed and pulled at his campaign and at our expense.

Will this be the year that the Left becomes triumphant in America? We hoped that with the fall of the Soviet Union we could have rid the world of all that Marxist-Leninist unpleasantness, but we were deceived. It has been transplanted to America through the willful assistance of our universities that have instilled that odious ideology into the minds of many, if not most, of our best and brightest minds. Pity that they are now spoiled for leadership in the best interest of America.

I fear that Kerry’s ascension to the American throne as leader of the Free World will unleash upon us the scourge of Leftist’ ideology that will bring down this country, weakening us in the one of the most dangerous moments in our collective history. Weakness that we can ill afford in view that there are forces that are patiently waiting in the wings with bombs and sharpened knives, ready to blow us up and dismember the residue.

Am I being overly dramatic? I think not. What the Islamists attempted to do on 9-11 will be repeated some day and could more easily succeed if we are weakened by a leader and his cabal that does not have the best interest of the United States ahead of his ambition.


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