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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ah, Saddam, Bill, Madeline and Al Knew You VERY Well! But, Why Didn't We????

There are lies and there are damn lies. The Forgotten Clinton Reportputs to rest the damn lie that Iraq was not a terrorist state and that George Bush knew it!

Besides the White House, everyone in the State Department knew it, the analysts and bureaucrats knew it, and anyone that took the time to read the reports KNEW IT!!! But why the lies, why the cover up?

We all know why and the reason is revolting.

The mainstream pressed has damned itself for glossing over and burying the facts reported in President Clinton's Patterns of Gobal Terrorism reports.

Are there no REAL investigative journalists anymore? Perhaps they are my comrades, the PyjamaPundit Brigade that are puttig the professionals to shame.

Shame on YOU, Dan Rather, Andy Rooney, and all the rest. You make us sick!


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