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Monday, November 01, 2004

BimLaden Tape Threatens U.S. States Not to Vote for Bush

Consider that this <>threat could be a ruse -- an opportunity for re-grouping, the classic period of hudna, a strategic withdrawal for the purpose of awaiting a more opportune moment to strike.

Notice that binLaden is dressed in the garb of the "mythical age" at the beginning of Islam, with a full beard, attempting to make himself a sage, a peacemaker as he appears without his weapon, speaking in tones and words that appear to be concilatory, but in fact are hostile and a rebuke.

It is interesting to note that the tape is actually quite long, but that al-Jazeera has chosen only air part of the tape "for fear that it might help Bush in the election, very telling as to who they want to win!

He rebukes the Muslim world for not supporting him more completely in an attempt to recruit more followers. He rebukes Bush for not running down to New York at the drop of a hat to give aid and comfort to the victims, and for not giving the incident the respect it deserves. He rebukes the President for caring about the education and feelinghs of school children, especially that of a little girl.

While seeming concilatory, explaining to America under which terms he won't hit us, he hints that he is offering the same terms as he did the Europeans - leave us alone and give us what we want.

Who are those that have no defense? He can't mean aggressive Muslims that are preying on non-Muslims all over the world, including Europe where there are "no-go zones" where taxis, buses, the police, and rescue services now won't go. Does he mean those that call themselves Palestinians that could be in the security of their own state, but have vowed, with the rest of the Muslim world to push the Israelis into the sea? How about Muslims in North and South America that are just starting to feel there way, to begin to create the same kinds of problems that are being seen in Europe?

Of course he means Iraq as well. The citizens of Iraq would have security if the Muslim insurgents weren't there to wreak havoc. The Iraqis want to police themselves without the help of Americans or Muslim outside insurgents. They don't need defense from America, they need defense from other Muslims as Americans don't want to stay one minute longer than necessary!

FrontPage has a very intersting psychological analysis of binLaden's motives.


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