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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

SOME People SAY We're AT WAR!!!!

Are we or aren't we? During the 1930s the America and Europe didn't know what to make of Hitler and took no action. America was deeply involved in the Great Depression and everyone just wanted to MUDDLE THROUGH, amd were oblivious to the gathering forces and the impending storm.

It seems that today the world is of the same mentality. Daily existence is such a chore, we are too busy, too bored, too frightened, too self-absorbed to get down to getting serious about the pickle we find outselves in. We are looking for an out, the door marked "EXIT,"but there is NO WAY OUT, and we find ourselves staring into the eyes of fanatics.

Bobbing this way and that, deluded, hoping we can lower the stakes by ignoring, making concilitory noises, and praying that the madmen will not notice us. We have taken stabs at the problem in fits and starts, but they are mot enough to keep the madness away.

What have learned from 9/11 and what are we FINALLY going to do about it?


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