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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dear Senator XXXXXX,


[We received this email with the attached letter from a reader. It is our please to reprint both.]

I wrote the following letter yesterday, sent it to all my elected
officials, and posted it all over the Internet in hopes that someone
will act upon it. I am also hoping that others would copy it and send
it to their elected officials.

Maybe you can help see that this letter gets into the 'right' hands. I
hope you'll read this letter it in its entirety, and hope that you'll
distribute it as far and wide as you possibly can. I don't care about
nor want any 'credit' being given to me - I simply want the
anticipated action to occur in any way possible.

Best regards,


Dear Senator XXXXXX,

We both know that I don't have to tell you what America is faced with
regarding Islamism and Muslim terrorism. You must be at least as
knowledgeable as I am as to its aims and ultimate consequences.
Because of your political office, perhaps you know even more than I,
and therefore maybe you are even more afraid than I am.

In that regard, other than fear for your own personal safety at the
hands of a Muslim intent on killing you for speaking up, why is it
that no elected American officeholder has mentioned the separation
between the United States Constitution and the book the Muslims use to
guide their lives, actions and deeds, the Koran? The Koran requires
Muslims to kill all non-Muslims, and in fact, terrorists themselves
"say they are acting on the basis of the holy scripture of Islam.
Accused 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had a Koran in the suitcase he
had checked for his flight. His five-page document of advice for
fellow hijackers instructed them to pray, ask God for guidance, and
'continue to recite the Koran.' Osama bin Laden often quotes the Koran
to motivate and convince followers. [Daniel Pipes]"

Why has no lawyer argued before the Supreme Court that Islam is not a
true 'religion' in America that needs to be protected any more than
the 'religions' of David Koresh or Jim Jones? Koresh and Jones were
running cults. Islam is nothing more than a cult, but because it has
lasted for 1400 years people give it an air of validity, and if anyone
does try to explain the truth about Islam, he is murdered. It is not a
religion defined the way all humans living on this planet define
religions except for followers of Islam. No other religious order on
Earth requires its adherents to murder, rape and behead people that
will not convert to it. No other religious order on earth is killing
non-members or ex-members.

The Muslim guide and rule book, their final and only authority, the
Koran, is antithesis to the US Constitution, and therefore it should
be argued before the Court that Islam can be and should be outlawed in
the United States. All of the things the United States holds dear that
are guaranteed to its citizens through the Constitution would be
eliminated if Muslims were the ruling party in the United States. An
organization that calls itself the largest Muslim organization in
America is called the Council on American Islamic Relations (or CAIR).
This organizations claims that it speaks for all Muslims living in
America, and here is what the founders of CAIR have publicly stated:
"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become
dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the
highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on
Earth. [co-founder Omar Ahmad ]. How much more succinct could he have
been? "... I'd like the government of the United States to be Islamic
sometime in the future...[Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman]. Another of
their spokesman, Ghazi Khankan, said at a rally held in Washington DC:
"I bring to you salaams and greetings from the Mujahadeen at CAIR."

Senator, allowing organizations like CAIR to conduct their activities
unchecked, as is the case, is tantamount to allowing the Nazis and the
Japanese free reign all over America during World War Two.

At what point will the Supreme Court declare these people, these
statements, and the book the people behind these statements look upon
as their Constitution as seditious, treasonous, anti-American and a
threat to the United States? It should not take a qualified attorney,
arguing to the highest courts in America, very long to present the
case that Islam should and must be banned in America. There are very
many verses in the Koran that require followers of Islam to overthrow
all governments that are not Islamic; it should only take one of these
verses for the Supreme Court justices to make their decision (not to
mention the verses that require Muslims to make war against all people
until the entire Earth is Muslim and to actually kill all who will not
submit to Islam). Upon the enactment of the decree declaring that
Islam is not a religion, followers of Islam could then be educated
about the true aims of Islam (some Muslims aren't even aware of the
ultimate goal their cult has) and given the opportunity to 'see the
light' or leave the country.

The cry "freedom of religion" would not stand in this case if the
truth were argued in the court that Islam is not a religion. Once it
is made public, passed into law and recognized that Islam is truly not
a "religion" that should be afforded protection under America's laws,
it will be that much easier to protect Americans from the final goals
of worldwide Jihad and Islamism. At that time, organizations like CAIR
would no longer exist (at least not legally) and the pressures that
are placed on the media to whitewash the truth about Islam would
disappear (especially those who today are afraid to print the truth
about Islam for fear of their lives. CNN and Reuters are on record
recently claiming that they do not tell the truth and have not told
the truth about Islam because they know that their reporters would be
killed by the followers of Islam.

Mr. Senator, are you too afraid to make this case?

Looking forward to hearing back from you,


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