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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An Example of Why I Cannot Trust "Moderate" Muslims

Arafat’s Death a New Era, (, November 7, 2004, By Kamal Nawash

I can trust these so-called "good Muslims," as they call themselves. These are the ones that want to destroy me, my loved ones, my country, Western civilization, and life itself. They are consistent, thus trustworthy regarding motive and predictable action. As a result, when they are identified, they should be shot on sight.

Leave it to "moderate" Muslims to be squishy and untrustworthy. All moderates forsake principles for compromise. As a result, I cannot predict when moderate Muslims will compromise, thus be unreliable and untrustworthy, although I suspect that they will throw in with Islamists first, whether they are bona fide Americans or not. This article by Kamal Nawash, someone who appeared to be a strong supporter for the proper assimilation of American Muslims into America as Americans, disappoints me strongly and sets back any trust.

Take this paragraph: "People either loved or hated Arafat. Those who hate Arafat must now put their feelings aside and be prepared to give their condolences to the Palestinian people. Nothing will be gained by attacking Arafat at this time. Arafat is viewed as a national symbol and this must be respected."

To set the proper context for Yassar Arafat, substitute the name "Hitler" or "Stalin" or "Mao" for "Arafat." The statement would then read: 'People either loved or hated HITLER. Those who hate HITLER must now put their feeling aside and be prepared to give their condolences to the NAZIS. Nothing will be gained by attacking HITLER at this time. HITLER is viewed as a national symbol and this must be respected.'

This is disgusting moral terpitude. Arafat's behavior would merit him the lowest rung of Hell. Arafat joined the ranks of the most evil humans who have lived, and he did so a long time ago. Only justice, not mercy, should prevail.

If Kamal's first statement did not make you vomit, try this: "As to Israel, the steps it takes now are crucial to its future ability to forge peace with the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslim world." This is said of a mass murderer who waged offensive murder on Israel and the West for years. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER was what Arafat dealt, over and over and over.

It is the job of the Palestinians to get off their dead asses and come forth with the olive branches, not the Israelis or members of the sane and civilized world. Try this sentence with similar substitutions as before, if you are having trouble getting the picture: 'As to the Jews, the steps they take now are crucial to their future ability to forge peace with the Nazis, the SS, and the Concentration Camps.' Few Palestinians can live long enough to atone enough to Israel for Arafat.

Only the ethical disorder of "moderation" would even consider anything as morally revolting as this.

This atrocious article goes on to weep modern liberal tears about where to bury Arafat and how Israel should honor the Muslim murderers who would come to his funeral and burial. Not even the Mafia were this cravenly and brazenly morally degenerate. Arafat's body needs to be cremated to be sure that no taqiyya is afoot and the ashes thrown ignominiously into a pig sty.

One last perfidy: "Nothing can do more to win the war on terror than solving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict." The Palestinians and other Muslims started the mess. They keep it going. IT IS INCUMBENT UPON THE PALESTINIANS TO CEASE AND DESIST. That would be justice and rationality operating among the chronically irrational, for once.


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