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Monday, November 08, 2004

Revisiting Some OTHER Wars, THE CRUSADES --- We Are Still Fighting Them

Why in the twenty-first century are the Crusades still relevant? The answer is the Crusades never ended. What? How can that be? That's not what we learned in history class! The Crusades never ended for millions of Muslims that are still waging the war against the West. In their minds the never ended and will never end until the West has been vanquished, subdued, and made to feel humiliated.

Quiz Western school children, especially American school children about the Crusades, and you will get a variety of answers from blank stares to stories about the Pope, knights. castles, Jerusalem, and the Black Death. For them the Crusades ended centuries ago. Quiz Muslim school children and the reaction will be much different. Christians invaded Muslim lands to steal their lands, murder, torture, and "to fight against Islam." For them the Crusades are still being fought because there are lands and people that thwart the aims and goals of Islam and must "revert" to Islam.

A major battle was fought in Kosovo by NATO and American troops on the sides of Muslims against Christian Serbs. Huh? Yes, that's right. Americans thought that the Christians were the bad guys and the Muslims were the good guys... and gave Muslims the victory over Christian Serbs today. That's not what we were told would happen. We were the good guys that charged in to right a wrong. The old adage "No good deed goes unpunished" comes to mind. We didn't remember the lessons of history and are now paying the price for that lapse.

The Crusades are also still being fought in other parts of Europe. The modern jihadists are in fact continuing the Crusades, but using different weapons --- propaganda and demographics to gain, and in the case of Spain, regain territory in Europe. Demographics is the most effective weapon, giving the Muslim and edge so that they feel comfortable enough to commit bold acts such as the recent murder and beheading of Theo Van Gogh. Ask the Europeans if they feel comfortable with situation. Ask them if they are afraid of their new Muslim neighbors. Ask them if they feel that their rights are being curtailed, if they are losing their freedom. Ask them if they are sorry that they allowed Muslim immigrants to enter and live among them.

Is the war one sided? No. The other side is also getting in its licks. We are the other side and are presently pressing forward a campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't see it as a continuation of the Crusades, but our Muslim opponents do, as for them the Crusades have never ended and will never end until they have overspread the earth and have installed a triumphant Islamic world government.

The modern Crusades are also being fought right here in North America. The weapons and objectives are the same: propaganda, demographics, and world government. Americans don't understand this fact because the conflict has not be posed using these terms. The comparison between the Crusades of the Middle Ages and that of today has not been effectively placed in front of the American public for fear of reprisals. Skirmishes are better than an all out war in the eyes of our elected officials, but sooner or later we will have to wake up to face the facts and get serious. For centuries we have moved through the world while seeing and not understanding the significance of the building world events. Now we have no choice but seriously face and solve the problem.

But we are waging a war in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Doesn't that mean we are serious? As in the Middle Ages, only part of the population of Europe participated in the Crusades. They had their anti-war sentiments in those days too. Battles were fought over there in Palestine and thus most Europeans didn't have to get involved.

This time the battle is coming here. I mean, the battle IS HERE. Right here in North America, but we have to the the problem and be able to correctly define and identify the enemy. We must first understand.

Through propagada and demographics the other side could win without firing a single shot. But aren't Muslims Americans? Remember that America is more than an address. It's an idea that has been adopted by millions of immigrants. The address may not change, but the idea of America can and will if Islam is allowed to flourish on the same scale that it has in Kosovo and now in parts of Western Europe. No bullets, bombs, or tanks are being used at this time. They might not need these as weapons as Muslims tend to have very large families, they are winning this part of the battle. Children grow up to become voters and voters wage battles with the ballot box. Even if no WMDs or homicide bombers EVER make it to America's shores, we are in danger of being engulfed in the same way as are Europeans today. Look to them for your lesson America. You must decide what future you want for your children --- freedom or slavery.

Muslims are loyal to the worldwide Ummah, the community of Muslims which can be compared to the unity that Christians USED to have when the Roman Catholic Church was Christendom and Latin when all educated Europeaans spoke and wrote Latin. Be very clear on that. Understand that a citizen with divided loyalties can not be trusted.


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