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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Is State's Rebellion Coming to a Close?

With the departure of Colin Powell, a new era could begin for the Department of State. Should the State Department act as an ally of a president or his opposition? Shouldn't the diplomatic corp and the executive branch speak with one voice? In a time of great peril I say that it should. We may have differences among our selves during internal debate which the world hears, the official word that is presented to the world from individuals, bureaucracies and all branches of government should carry the same message as nothing emboldens our enemies more than to see us squabble among ourselves. The projection individual and departmental agendas from bureaucracies, diplomats, and others often cancel out the policy of the President of the United States, making us look weak and divided.
The State Department is out of control. Career diplomats and bureaucrats promote partisan and personal agendas that are often at odds with the White House knowing that eventually there will be a change of government. Presidents come and go but career bureaucrats can ride out their tenure into the sunset after a lengthy career.
And who should set policy for the United States? Should a president and the Congress determine American foreign policy, or should bureaucrats? Entrenched and intransigent State Department employees have become very powerful and obstructionists, blocking, changing, and delaying through various means such as conferences and leaks.
Get out the broom and the disinfectant. In order to affect a change, the new Secretary of State has a real chore to perform. Obstructionism that has gone on too long in the Congress is also about to change. Shouldn't it be time to sweep out the cobwebs and the dangerous mind viruses that are plaguing State. As the old saying goes, "A new broom sweeps clean!"
Let's project a united front. After all the Islamists use, in every way, our perceived differences against us.


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