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Monday, November 22, 2004

Moderates, Angry with Far Left, Elected Bush

There is a real backlash going on in America against the Left and the Islamics, both of whom intend to destroy America. We need to detect that resistance and fan it into flames. Right now, it is not focused, so it acts like uncontrolled brush fires. Only proper principles can focus this new, hopeful energy.

From Nov. 22, 2004 Insider Report from

3. Moderates, Angry with Far Left, Elected Bush

You know how the Democrat establishment and its allies in Big Media still keep wailing that those mean ol' right-wing Christians got President Bush re-elected in order to establish some sort of theocracy?

Not true.

The Wall Street Journal, mocking the leftist media's attacks on "Bible-thumping homophobic masses averse to redefining marriage," points out:

"True, weekly churchgoers voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Bush. But they [composed] the same 42% of the electorate as four years ago. It's self-described moderates (some 45% of the electorate), who made the difference this year. Nearly half went for the President, and if opposition to gay marriage was one of the issues that stirred these swing voters, don't blame bigotry or ignorance. It's more accurate to say that proponents have overreached."

The paper notes that it is this reality "that liberals who are so contemptuous of Red America ignore at the risk of more political peril down the road."

How delightful, then, that Sen. Kerry is now saying he might run for president again in 2008.

And he's refusing to learn from his mistakes. This past week Kerry had this to say about his loss: "Do I find it some mark of failure or distress? The answer is no."

And here's some cheeky advice from the Journal to Kerry and the rest of the allegedly tolerant crowd: "In the meantime, if liberals really care about discriminatory legal protections and benefits, they might consider agitating for a repeal of the death tax, which puts gay couples at a disadvantage. Married couples are allowed an unlimited transfer of assets to a spouse before death, a tax benefit denied gay couples. And only heterosexual spouses can inherit each other's assets without paying estate taxes."

People can argue that the "religious right" or moderates or Hispanics or "security moms" or those awful white males or whoever re-elected Bush. Such arguments are silly.

What matters is that the majority did.


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