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Monday, November 22, 2004

Students and Staff Must Wear I.D. Badges While on School Property. So what's the Big Deal?

Many employers have required that their employees wear badges for several decades and most concerns find I.D. badges and background checks to be a safety requisite. Some schools that didn't before are now requiring badge-wearing of their students and staff, although for the staffs of most schools, this is nothing new as most school systems have required background checks and badges for for some time.

Badges used to be a rite of passages into the adult world of work. Unfortunately this new requirement is another sign of a shortened childhood.

There's no use complaining that this is an intrusion of Big Brother in their lives. During war Big Brother is ALWAYS more intrusive and, for schools, after Columbine and Belsan, we can't be careful enough. Besides, most high school students will be wearing those odious badges when they report to work after graduation, if they aren't already.

Welcome to the real world kids!


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