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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Wild and Woolly Bureaucracies

While we fight the jihadists abroad we also have to struggle against contrary forces here at home. It's amazing that this problem has been allowed to fester for so long.

"When people take jobs at agencies, they tend to go native and start championing the institution rather than the agenda of the person who put them there," he said. "Someone who is blindly loyal to the president at the White House may try to develop dual citizenship."

What happens to people when they enter the service of the American people? In Washington D.C., they tend to "go native," creating personal fiefdoms that rival "a Mafia Don," challenging and undermining the president of the United States. any one will do as many have tried to tame the "Wild West of Washington D.C."

They are appointed by the president, and often serve at his pleasure, or are hired by the Civil Service, these unelected people often determine how policies are determined by their overt and covert intepretations. President Bush and Carl Rove are determined to rein them in, but the big money is on the beauracracies that have been out of control for decades.

Why should we care? Big, bloated, expensive government is the result of mutiple agencies full of sometimes civil servants that can't be fired. The old adage, "close enough for government work," speaks to their sometimes incompetence. A second reason is that we are at war and can't afford to have government employees go off the farm to blab to enemy or to make us seem disunited as some continue to do. And a third reason is that I didn't vote for these people to make policy for me, did you?


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