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Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Kids' Game: How to Be a Suicide Bomber

More and more Muslim children are being trained to kill non-Muslims. Recently a raided Seattle barbershop was found to be also a school to train child killers. A photographed Muslim youth camp in Kentucky showed youngsters being trained with high-powered rifles, and hate and revulsion of America and the West is being taught in Muslim schools all over the World where the young are openly seen in military manuevers.

In traditional Muslim families, the younger children are treated as second class citizens. They are given an opportunity to "affix honor to their names" by engaging in military activities, especially as suicide bombers, a "pathology that is maintained through social and religious myths." Schools teach this as part of the curriculum. Hero posters of suicide bombers are posted on walls and their lives and deaths are glorified by the teachers.

A favorite card game in Gaza is "How to Be a Suicide Bomber" where children are taught to "blame the ruin of their lives on a nexus of crippling political decisions handed down by Israel rather than on the decisions and failures of Arafat and the Palestinian Authority."

Another force is rap. Jihad rap is a music form that spreads the jihadist message to the young that is even available in the U.S. Working on the same level and in tandem with "Gangsta Rap," both Muslim and non-Muslim young are taught to hate and revile Western culture, especially that of the U.S., and are encouraged to defy and kill Western authority figures and to wreak havoc on society. The Muslim jihad rap form, though, is different in that it also reviles ALL non-Muslims and demands their death or submission, reflecting the Koronic verses on that subject.

Western parents have been shocked by the violent content of video games that have been sold to their children. Would they be more horrified to know that Muslim video games show the death and destruction of non-Muslims as the fulfillment of the Koran and the emulstion of the prophet's life. These are marketed as a way to "spread and reinforce Muslim culture." Muslim kids are taught to honor their own culture and revile ours as well as how to commit violence against us.

In contrast, Western children are taught to revile war and violence as well as Western culture that is shown as the cause of all the world's evils. America's founding fathers and mothers are no longer given the hero status of the past. Instead their defects and failures are given emphasis rather than passing coverage. All wars that Americans have backed have been taught as bad, as the "evil self-interest of the West," rather than wars of self-defense. Our enemies teach war in the same way: America always goes to war for its own interest, never out of self-defense.

Democracy is shown as defective ideology and, although the Constitution is taught, the coverage is routine and boring so that few students will care. Although they are taught about their rights, they aren't instilled with inspiration that the Gaza students receive when learning about the Hamas Charter. In fact, American school children seem not to be inspired at all about school.

Recess is being cut from American schools because it interferes with the curriculum. Some schools have banned certain games such as Dodge Ball because it is "war like and exclusionary." Other favorite children's games have been excluded for the same reason. Rather than channeling the natural energy and aggression of childhood in a positive way, educators are attempting to squealch the tendencies by teaching them to be nice and cooperative. This, of course, is useful for teachers and administrators that have hundreds of confined children under their care for six hours a day. However, it is not good for nation.

The young need an outlet for their energy and their proclivity for violence. The Palestinians have found a way to use that violence by creating youth brigades. They emulate the Nazis and the Soviets that wisely used this natural phenomena for "good of the state." We abhor the methods of the Hitler Youth, the Red Brigades, and the Palestinian Youth Brigades. We also abhor how America's alienated youth organize themselves into youth gangs of ever stripe. There are youth gangs that reflect the criminal aspirations of almost every known ethnic group in the U.S. as well as the mainstream. Few gangs are known to have positive characteristics.

The Scouts are a group that could be called a gang. They are organized, wear "colors," and have many of the same characteristics as do the groups that demonstrate society's dark side. The purpose of the Scouts is to harness the energy of youth for a positive purpose, to give them direction and a sense of worth. Believe it or not, this is the same reason that the Palestinians give for organizing their Palestinian Brigades and criminal youth gangs echo the same language. Scouting is a positive and wholesome alternative to the others.

But like American schools, Scouting is coming under fire for not being politically correct. The soul and substance is being threatened that could leave Scouting as bland, colorless, uninteresting, and boring as students find American schools. Most other groups have fallen by the wayside as old-fashioned or the young or their parents have lost interest. Wholesome and entertaining activities that are available for the majority of children have pretty much died out, leaving children with little to choose among, and society is scrambling to find something to fill the void.

America's children are losing out. America has abandoned its children to the streets. Although SOME children are being overbooked with afterschool activities: music, dance, cooking classes, and so on, the majority of children don't have these opportunities. Who fills the gap? What could fill the void?

Children naturally turn to things of interest: rap music, video games, and neighborhood groups, i.e. gangs, sex, drugs, and crime.

We aren't being smart America. Our children need better from us. Third world countries are doing a better job. Our enemies are doing a better job. We've abandoned our children to fend for themselves among unknown groups and forces that will harness and channel their natural proclivities in ways that we can't imagine and wouldn't approve. Of course this could be stopped and turned around. The Nazis did it. The Soviets did it. Why can't we do something similar in the spirit of American values? America would be better for it and our children would be safer.


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