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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Muslims in America Trying to Suppress the First Amendment, again

Nothing makes us madder than people who disagree wanting to stifle the free speech of the other side. We have had enough from the Democrats and neocommunists lately. But, always trying to butt in their evil ideology to the head of every line while denying others are the Islamic Thought Police. They are successful in Saudi Arabia and other sand traps. They want success in America, and we must deny them any success.

Read this article about a sort of mini-fatwa against Craig Winn's excellent book about Muhammad and Islam, Prophet of Doom. No wonder they don't want you to read it. It tells the truth, and they can't stand the truth, as the movie said.

Sign this petition. If you have not gotten this book and read it, then go get it and read it. It will open your eyes and your mind, and that's why the Islamists hate it so much.

Thanks to Jeff for sending this to us.

Friends and Colleagues:

The Muslim community is attempting to pressure bookstores and media outlets from publishing and selling Craig Winn's reference, "Prophet Of Doom, Islam's Terrorist Dogma In Muhammad's Own Words."

This volume is the most comprehensive work- putting into context and chronology- documenting the life and times of Muhammad (Islam's lone prophet) and the evolution of Islamic Scripture.

Any attempt by any group,let alone Muslims, to censor and suppress the truth is abhorrent. Although (in today's climate) it is politically incorrect to reveal the unvarnished truth about Islamic Scripture- and how it influences and drives terrorism around the globe-it is, nonetheless, correct.

The vile,bilious,terrorist manifesto known as Qur'an and Hadith must be exposed and repudiated. The true nature of Muhammad's character must be illuminated for all to know. Muhammad was a: genocidal murderer,rapist,pedophile,thief, kidnapper,liar, pillager, misogynist and demagogue. He was worse than Hitler. Islam is worse than Nazism.

Craig Winn is a righteous individual who has been touched by the Almighty-the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob{ Yahweh} - to do what he does.

Please support Mr. Winn. Sign the petition and have as many of your friends,family,colleagues and concerned citizens sign the petition as well.

Thank you.



The original article is at:<>Title: Muslim Groups Try to Suppress Free SpeechAuthor: CharlesDate: 11/8/2004 at 9:23:27 am

371 people have commented on this article.


Muslim advocacy groups are attempting to suppress the publication of the book Prophet of Doom [1] by Craig Winn, claiming it is"blasphemous:" Stop Hatred & Misinformation about the Best of Creation (peace be upon him) Petition [2].

------------ START QUOTE ------------
[SIXTH COLUMN NOTE: This is the Muslim pressure group pack of lies trying to intimidate book stores and publishers. Do not forget the Salman Rushdie perfidy. Prophet of Doom tells it straight up, truthfully, and uses Islam's own words to make its case. It makes up NOTHING.]

To: All Bookstores

We the undersigned declare that we are utterly shocked and dismayed atthe blasphemous publication of Mr. Craig Winn's book "Prophet of Doom"(Publisher: CricketSong Books - April 25, 2004) that presents false and malicious information regarding our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace BeUpon Him), the Prophet who is revered by 20 percent of the world'spopulation, and who Muslims believe to be the Prophet sent as a Mercy to all the worlds. Mr. Winn, a businessman, who according to's own editorial review knew nothing about Islam prior to 9/11, reveals his lack of knowledge and poor scholarship in his fictitious writing, which is outside the pale of America's freedom of expression as it contributes towards the provocation of hate and the fraying of the fabric of its multi-cultural society by offending the sensibilities of a large segment of its population ...We call for the removal of all copies of this book from all bookstores- regular or online and for the cessation of its publication immediately.

------------- END QUOTE-------------

[SIXTH COLUMN NOTE: The Thought Police act as as an unassimilated block, like the Borg on the Star Trek series. Take action on behalf of your rights in the highest moral defense of you and all Americans.]

This petition to stifle criticism of Islam has garnered almost 45,000 signatures as of this writing. But here's a counter-petition you can sign, urging bookstores not to cave in to these un-American scaretactics: First Amendment freedoms include the right to criticize Islam and Muhammad Petition [3].

------------ START QUOTE ------------

[SIXTH COLUMN NOTE: Sign this petition on behalf of the Constitution of the United States of America.]

Given efforts by Muslims around the world to stifle criticism of their religion, in many cases through the use of violence (the most famous example of which being the Salman Rushdie affair), we consider the Muslim petition demanding censorship to be little more than a scare tactic to intimidate the author from publishing his book. Whether we agree with the content of the author's book is irrelevant; the simple fact that Muslims are trying to intimidate him from exercising his First Amendment freedoms urges us to demand that bookstores continue circulating this book as they please. Particularly in response to the recent murder of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker critical of the mistreatment of Muslim women, we feel it necessary that all supporters of free expression take a stand against Islamist scare tactics. Thus,we demand that all bookstores ignore such scare tactics and make Mr.Winn's book readily available, in accordance with customer demand.

------------- END QUOTE -------------

[1] <>[2] <>[3] <>


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