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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Shouldn't We Know About Who and What Enters the U.S. BEFORE They Get Here?

Privacy concerns are fueling the continuing debate over passenger screening and lists and data about the millions of passengers that fly into and through the United States. The complaint is that the government is being intrusive and that know one knows "how the system works or what happens to the information." This is a legitimate concern. After all we want to remain a nation of free people at liberty from government tyranny.

However, we are a war in an era where people, things, and weapons move at breakneck speed all over the globe. How are we going to determine who and what is headed in our direction? How can we determine the identity and proclivities of people without investigation? And what about those that are here now? How can we track and stop those that might have bad intentions? What about the borders? Although there a check points, miles and miles, and miles are un-monitored and are "bleeding like a sieve." We aren't going to find out through magic. We have to have a system that is intrusive for only intrusion can yield information.

We talk, complain, and plan, and seem awfully slow about fixing these problems. Maybe if people, rather than the government, would do more and complain less, we will have a better chance of survival.

By doing more, I don't mean more lawsuits. Lawsuits only put obstacles in the way and put us in greater danger. We are a talented and vibrant nation, surely some of us can come up with a satisfactory solution. Let's get on it pretty damn quick as, on this issue, the world and our enemies are operating at warp and we're at a snail's pace.


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