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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

They Just Don't Get It: They, the Left, Are Tolerant, and We, the Rest Are STUPID!!!!
What's IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!! Yes, I am shouting; Yes, I am frustrated; and Yes I am mad as Hell!

The facts are in. In spite of the conspiracy theories, the intimidation before and after the election, the stories that weren't that were supposed to derail the Bush there is proof that Bush and the Republicans actually won this election. Get over it!

What poor losers! These people obviously aren't from the heartland where children are taught sportsmanship and the ethics of teamwork and, most importantly, how to lose (and win) graciously.

Imagine what would happen if the losing Little League Team or another youth sports team was allowed to attack and berate the winners? The community would howling foul and the offenders would pay a fine and even be prosecuted. The coach and supporters would lose their positions or even prosecuted for contributing to the deliquency of a minor. It's a shame that the same rules couldn't apply to grownups in politics.

Grownups seem to have gotten a pass when it comes to politics. The Constitution protects political speech and some political action. The losers bray and howl and make fools of themselves. Some of them will even leave the country. I say "Good riddance." If the losers want to know where to find the stupid among us, they only have to look in the mirror!


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