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Friday, November 05, 2004

CAIR'S "Anti-Muslim" Hysteria

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a poll in October, concluding that nearly 1/3 of Americans hold negative stereotypes of Muslims, such as (1) Islam encourages oppression of women; (2) Islam teaches violence and hatred; (3) Muslims value life less than other people; and (4) Muslims teach their children to hate unbelievers.

Why might Americans hold such beliefs? FrontpageMagazinegives four reasons.

1. Islam encourages oppression of women.

2. Muslim religion teaches violence and hatred.

3. Muslims value death more than life.

4. Muslims teach their children to hate unbelievers.

Responding to the poll, CAIR doesn't address why Americans might have legitimate concerns about some aspects of the Muslim world, such as ones listed in this column.  Instead, it placed the onus on Americans to learn about Islam – which is a code word for the Islamic concept of da’wa, converting non-Muslims.

In other words, CAIR's Awad is more interested in "reverting" Americans to Islam than changing the perceptions that Americans have about Islam. Awad and other American Muslims are members of the international Umma, the world community of Muslims. Only Islam holds their loyalty and they serve only the interests of Islam and are against the interests of any entity that isn't in line with Islam, such as the United States. The eventual goal of Islam is to create a one-world government under Islam with Muslims at the head of that government. They will say and do anything to further this goal.

Always remember this when thinking about Islam and dealing with Muslims.


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