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Friday, November 05, 2004

It IS the Culture, Stupid! What the American Electorate Said on November 2, 2004

Nobody has to tell me that Americans are worried about the state of the culture, a topic that has been making the rounds now for years. We a decry and abhor the effect that the entertainment industry has on us. Yet we continue to buy their products and support their sponsors. They are all in busines to make money. In truth, we are responsible for keeping them in business.

We must be our harshest critics. In fact we are all responsible for our other problems, small and large. Only we can make the changes.

The effect that American culture has on the world is profound and the rest of the world sees our faults, glaring like neon lights. They, too, have problems with the toxic effect of certain elements. Spengler, the essayist of the Astia Tiimes comments regularly on American themes. Also access the internal link, What Osama might have told America.

Go to the sidebar, The Complete Spengler for more of his essays.

The AsiaTimes gives an eye-opening alternative to the American press. Their point of view is often grating, but sometimes we need to hear it.


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